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The Counter-Strike BLAST Paris Major saw a total of twenty-four teams competing for the prestigious trophy, from April 12th to May 19th. As the competition comes to a close, seven competitors have been named on an official Ukrainian travel ban list, released by the Ukrainian Sports Ministry.

The Ukrainian Ministry of Youth and Sports released a list of 236 athletes who had failed to return to Ukraine at the date expected of them, which included seven CS:GO players. Monte, Asterion, HellRaisers, Team Spirit, Nemiga Gaming, B8 and Click were all named in the list, meaning they had not reported back to their respective federations in time.

Monte was one of the biggest surprises at the BLAST Paris Major, equaling the likes of their fellow countrymen Natus Vincere, making it to the top eight before eventually falling out. Team Spirit also put up a good performance, achieving a 9th/12th placement. Other notable teams in the competition include HellRaisers, Nemiga Gaming and B8, who took 7th/8th and 9th/12th, respectively.

B8 had competed in the European RMR A qualifier just before the main tournament, where they were eliminated by Cloud9. Following their defeat, they had decided not to return to Ukraine and instead stay in France for the duration of the Paris Major.

The rest of the players are still yet to announce a statement about their absence, or comment on how long they intend to stay abroad. However, Monte’s next international LAN event has already been scheduled for August 30 with the ESL Pro League Season 18 in Malta. Whether he will be able to attend is still up in the air.

Regardless of how the situation resolves itself, it’s clear that the Ukrainian Ministry of Youth and Sports are taking the issue of non-compliance with travel laws very seriously. All seven players named in the list will remain subject to the Ukrainian travel ban until they appear in court and resolve the situation. It’s likely that more sanctions may follow, as well as potential repercussions from Valve and the tournament organizers.