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As the midnight deadline approaches and the U.S. Treasury Department warns of potential default, it’s becoming increasingly clear that the House and Senate must act quickly to raise the debt limit and reduce deficit spending in order to avoid a crisis situation. Thankfully, Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy has announced an agreement in principle between the White House and House Republicans to raise the debt ceiling before it’s too late.

The current debt of the United States is estimated to be nearly $20 trillion, and current legislation puts a cap on that debt which must be raised or else the government risks defaulting on its debt obligations. Defaulting would have disastrous economic impacts including higher interest rates, decreased access to credit, and increased borrowing costs.

The deal that has been reached in principle between the White House and House Republicans includes a short-term debt limit increase and funding for two years. After this initial period, the debt limit will be permanently extended. Additionally, this agreement includes a plan to reduce deficits and set up a future budget framework.

In order to put this agreement into action, the House and Senate need to move quickly to ensure that the debt limit is raised and fiscal responsibility is maintained. The agreement needs to be released as soon as possible in order for there to be a vote in the House as early as Tuesday night. This agreement is an important step towards reducing the national debt, and it’s critical that members of both chambers of Congress move quickly to make sure that this agreement is implemented and that the American people do not suffer the consequences of a default.

To that end, it’s essential that members of the House and Senate make sure that their constituents are aware of this agreement and the importance of making sure that our country remains economically secure by raising the debt limit in a timely fashion. This agreement is a positive step towards making sure that our country is not unable to pay its debts, but it’s up to members of the House and Senate to move quickly to put this agreement into action and ensure that our nation’s financial stability is maintained.