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Weddings are a time-honored tradition around the world, but recently the bride and groom have been challenging the age-old customs to bring in an element of equality into their big day. This was recently exemplified in a viral video that showed the bride and groom seated on their wedding mandap while various rituals took place.

The most notable of these rituals was when the bride touched the groom’s feet as a gesture of respect. This is a common practice in a traditional Indian wedding ceremony and shows the bride’s admiration and respect for the groom. However, what made this particular wedding unique was the fact that the groom also touched the bride’s feet when he applied sindoor, the traditional red powder used in a wedding ceremony.

This gesture of mutual respect showed that the bride and groom were indeed on equal footing and that the marriage was one based on mutual understanding and love. Friends and family can be seen in the video cheering on the couple and capturing the moment with their cameras. This viral video has gone on to show that couples can be innovative with their wedding ceremonies and incorporate moments of equality into their special day.

At one time, the traditional elements of a marriage ceremony could not be altered. But now, couples are pushing the boundaries and challenging the old customs to create something that is truly special and unique to them. What this viral video has taught us is that a marriage between two people should be based on mutual affection and respect – something that can be celebrated with thoughtful wedding rituals and gestures.

We hope that couples continue to challenge the age-old customs and come up with new and creative ways to make their wedding days more meaningful. After all, a wedding day is a special day that marks the beginning of a new chapter in the couple’s lives, and it should be celebrated in a unique and special way.