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It’s time for the TFT Monsters’ Attack World Championship, the sixth such event of its kind! The Worlds Championship is the premier tournament for Teamfight Tactics, Riot Games’ autobattler strategy game. Since the first Worlds in 2018, China has dominated with three consecutive titles, making them the clear favorites this year. However, SEA (Southeast Asia) is a rising power, and this is the first World Championship to give them a real shot at the title. Could SEA bring the first non-China Worlds win?

A total of seven regions have made it to the final day of the TFT Monsters’ Attack World Championship. Represented are China, SEA, EU West, EU Nordic & East, Japan, Oceania, and North America. All have a chance at claiming the crown, and all competitors have their own unique playstyles and team compositions.

NA is being represented by none other than Setsuko. Setsuko is an experienced player, having been consistent in the ladder and tournament scene through many World Championships. She has played a wide variety of champions and compositions throughout her career, which makes her a formidable force in the tournament. Her experience, knowledge, and skill could prove invaluable on the big stage, and she has a real chance at winning the tournament.

On the final day of competition, teams will face off to claim the coveted title. It won’t be easy though: the best players from all around the world, each with their own playstyles and strategies, will make for some intense matches. Fans can tune into the final day on Twitch, starting at 6am CT. Who will come out on top in the end?

No matter the outcome, the TFT Monsters’ Attack World Championship promises to be an exciting event. With so many skilled players and intense matches, fans of the game are sure to be in for a treat. May the best competitor win!