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A trial at FT.com brings many benefits, the foremost of which is full digital access to their content. With a trial, users get both Standard Digital and Premium Digital packages, a combination that includes everything from global news and analysis to access to premier business columns and newsletters.

The Standard Digital package provides a wide variety of content to fulfill many of the user’s needs. This package offers an incredible selection of news, analysis, expert opinion, and much more. It’s the perfect solution for staying up to date with current affairs, staying informed about business trends and developments, and exploring in-depth topics related to many subjects.

The Premium Digital package takes things one step further. Not only does it include the features of the Standard Digital package, but it also offers premier business columns such as Lex and 15 curated newsletters. These newsletters provide in-depth reporting on key business themes, giving users an even more comprehensive understanding of the subject.

In addition to the Trial offerings of Standard Digital and Premium Digital, users also have the option to downgrade to Standard Digital if they choose. Having access to Standard Digital alone still allows users to take advantage of a robust journalistic offering, ensuring they stay informed and up to date on the topics they care about.

In conclusion, a trial at FT.com is an excellent way to gain access to all the content offered by the website. Both the Standard Digital and Premium Digital packages are great options for staying informed and in the loop. Additionally, users have the ability to downgrade to Standard Digital if they choose. With great features and content such as global news, analysis, expert opinion, premier business columns, and 15 curated newsletters, FT.com is the perfect place to learn more about the world around us.