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The Oak Brook Police Department is proud to announce the addition of Bandit, a comfort and therapy dog, to its ranks. The arrival of Bandit has been a major success since his arrival almost six months ago, and his popularity only continues to grow.

Students from Butler Elementary District 53 came up with the name “Bandit” for the new recruit, and after visiting Brook Forest School to review safety drills, it was clear that Bandit had already become a hit with the community. “He brings such joy and puts a smile on everyone’s face,” said Officer Katie Yager of the Oak Brook Police Department.

Prior to joining the police department, Bandit underwent two weeks of basic obedience training to prepare him for his role. The training focused on a variety of tasks, including commands, walking on a leash, socialization, and responding to noises and distractions. Bandit has also been trained to provide comfort and support to victims and witnesses of crimes, as well as those suffering from PTSD.

Although most of Bandit’s work will be done in Oak Brook, he has already assisted in other places. During an active shooter situation at Fisher Elementary School in January 2021, Bandit provided comfort and support to victims and their families. During a more recent incident, Bandit was able to help calm an agitated suspect through his calming presence.

Bandit is an integral part of the Oak Brook Police Department and an invaluable asset to the community. He is proof of the department’s commitment to making sure the people of Oak Brook feel safe and supported, and his influence can be felt by all those he touches. From comforting victims and suspects, to providing relief during emergency situations, Bandit is an irreplaceable addition to the team.