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The topic of plastic pollution has been receiving more attention than ever before, as the world starts to recognize the devastating impact it has on our planet’s health and wellbeing. Thankfully, top global businesses Amcor, Mars and Procter & Gamble (P&G) have joined forces with NGO Delterra in a commitment to tackle this growing problem.

The collaborative effort between the four organizations amounts to $6 million dollars over the next five years which will be directed towards initiatives like Delterra’s Rethinking Recycling program, which works to capture recyclable and compostable materials and return them to productive use.

The combination of financial resources and corporate advocacy is key for finding lasting solutions for plastic pollution and a more circular economy. The three partner companies have already begun launching campaigns and initiatives to reduce plastic waste and promote sustainability amongst their customers and stakeholders.

The struggle isn’t just a financial or even an advocacy one; it is a collective endeavor that requires collaboration from all levels of society. In support of this, the partners are actively calling upon like-minded companies to join them in their mission to tackle plastic pollution.

The commitment of these four influential companies has come at a perfect time. Global parties are expected to gather in Paris on May 29th for the Global Plastics Treaty, where further commitments will be made towards reducing the devastating effects of plastic pollution across the Global South.

“Solving plastic pollution, and indeed the broader waste crisis, requires a rethinking of the way we produce and manage waste,” said Delterra’s President and Chief Executive, Dr. Shannon Bouton. As more and more organizations join forces to meet this challenge, we can all be hopeful that the goal of a circular and sustainable plastics economy will eventually be achieved.