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Exploring the Data Behind Pete Alonso’s Home Run Streak

Mets outfielder Pete Alonso is on an incredible run lately, hitting home runs in four straight games. That has Mets fans, players, and data analysts alike taking a closer look at what has been driving his success. With the help of advanced analytics, we can get a better understanding of Alonso’s swing mechanics, and why he is having such success at Wrigley Field.

Using MLB’s Statcast system, we can analyze the details behind every home run Alonso has hit this season. Statcast uses Doppler radar, high-speed cameras, and other technology to track the movements of every pitch and ball flight in a Major League Baseball game. By accessing the data, we’re able to gain insights into Alonso’s swing mechanics such as his launch angle, spin rate, and the distance each ball travels.

For example, the data shows that Alonso’s launch angles have remained consistent over the past year. His average launch angle in 2019 was 25.3°, while his current season average as of May 23rd is 25.2°. Even when he varies his approach from game to game, his launch angle remains consistent throughout. This helps illustrate why he is able to hit the ball so far.

Not only does the data show us why Alonso is having such success, but it also allows us to compare his performance to that of other Major League hitters. For instance, Alonso has seven career homers in 12 games at Wrigley Field, putting him on par with MLB greats like Mike Piazza, who achieved the feat multiple times in his career.

When reading through the numbers, one thing is clear: Pete Alonso is a rare talent, and his recent success has caught the eye of everyone in the Mets organization. Manager Buck Showalter has commented on Alonso’s power surge, suggesting that he has always been a special player, but “you try not to talk too much about it”.

Statcast data is showing us that Pete Alonso is more than just a home run hitter. His swing is built to generate more power and he knows how to adjust his movements accordingly. The combination of these factors has helped the Mets make the most out of every one of Alonso’s plate appearances, making him a vital piece of the team’s success. With the help of analytics, we can see the driving force behind Alonso’s power surge - and why he is set to be a key player for the Mets for years to come.