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The European Magazine has been recognizing businesses enabling and boosting the economy since its establishment in 2023. This magazine provides an up-to-date insight of businesses across the world, ranging from Energy, Technology and Banking and Finance to regional developments in Europe, Latin America, Africa, MENA, Asia and Central Eastern Europe. Through acknowledging those who have made progress, taken on competitiveness and achieved success in their respective fields, The European Magazine is a great way to stay informed on global business performance.

Every issue of the magazine highlights a selection of companies and individuals from all sectors that have shown exceptional performance in their businesses. This includes consulting firms, sustainable projects of the future, Links & Gains, as well as the Best Corporate Legal Team in Egypt. Through acknowledging such successes, The European Magazine hopes to provide readers with a greater understanding of the complex yet dynamic business world.

The European Magazine is available both in hard copy and digital format. It is also accessible at various trade fairs around the world, making it an ideal choice for those interested in staying informed on the performance of the global business industry. With frequent updates and a deep understanding of the international business world, The European Magazine can be your go-to source for any news related to business success.

For media enquiries, contact enquiries@chasepublishing.co.uk for more information. With their recognition system, The European Magazine hopes to create a space where businesses can feel empowered to take on new challenges. Whether it is the energy sector, technology, banking or finance, regional development or legal teams, this magazine understands the importance of recognizing success and striving for excellence from all sectors.