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On Sunday, Recep Tayyip Erdogan won a decisive victory in the Turkish presidential election runoff, ensuring he will remain in power for at least another five years.

Erdogan, who has been a divisive figure in his country and abroad, will use this new term to further deepen his conservative imprint on Turkey’s society and pursue his vision for a powerful country with increased global influence. This election marks the start of Erdogan’s possible 25-year reign, the longest period of uninterrupted power in modern Turkey’s history.

The election was close, with Erdogan winning 52.1% of the total vote and his opponent, Kemal Kilicdaroglu, receiving 47.9%. Despite ongoing economic crisis and other issues, Mr. Erdogan received strong support from his supporters, who credit him with the development of the country and championing of conservative Islamic values.

The Turkish government is now entering a critical period. With the president secure in his position for another five year term, he must address the economic crisis that has been looming over the country. In addition, he must find a way to ease global tensions concerning his actions in the region, especially in light of his increasing authoritarianism.

The next five years of Mr. Erdogan’s reign will be critical in determining whether he will continue to lead Turkey as an autocratic regime or if he can transition to a more democratic system of government. His victory in this election gives him a chance to prove that he is a capable leader who can rise to the challenges facing Turkey and move the country forward. Regardless of who you supported in the election, it is clear that the future of Turkey is in the hands of its leader, Mr. Erdogan.