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Sky Oceans: Wings for Hire is the latest turn-based RPG from publisher PQube and developer Octeto Studios, set to be released on the PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X S, Nintendo Switch, and PC via Steam. Players will take control of a ragtag crew of sky pirates, recruiting new members and acquiring resources to build a powerful fleet.

The combat in Sky Oceans: Wings for Hire is strategic and stylistic, taking place in thrilling aerial dogfights rendered with stunning visuals. Players will need to make quick decisions and time their attacks accurately to come out victorious. A range of dialog options are available when interacting with other characters throughout the game, allowing players to choose their own path as they attempt to become the best sky pirate they can be.

Sky Oceans: Wings for Hire is an exciting single-player RPG experience, offering both tight combat and the opportunity for players to create their own narrative. The game introduces a unique blend of turn-based combat and strategic resource-gathering, all brought to life with vibrant graphics and cinematic presentation. With its combination of these elements, Sky Oceans: Wings for Hire looks set to put players at the helm of their own epic journey.

Whether you’re a seasoned strategy RPG fan or new to the genre, Sky Oceans: Wings for Hire is a title that promises hours of engaging gameplay on all platforms. With its mix of intense combat, character-driven stories, and strategic resource gathering, Sky Oceans: Wings for Hire looks to bring a unique and memorable experience to console and PC gamers alike. Keep an eye out for this upcoming fantasy adventure as it approaches release.