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Sony is proud to present a new version of its market-leading vlogging camera, the ZV-1 II. This advanced device expands on the success of its popular predecessor, the ZV-1, with an array of improved features that make it ideal for capturing engaging content.

Vloggers, social media influencers, and short-form video creators will find the ZV-1 II to be their go-to camera thanks to its wider angle, attractive photogenic image quality, and wide range of accessibility features.

The ZV-1 II has a superior field of view of up to 154° compared to the ZV-1’s 126°. This allows for more elements to be included in your shot and gives you the freedom to create amazing storytelling images with wider angles and more engaging compositions. In addition, the ZV-1 II offers improved low light performance and minimized graininess for stunning high-definition shots.

The ZV-1 II also comes packed with a range of accessibility features to facilitate operation. Screen reader functionality is included for people with visual impairments. The keys and controls are optimally arranged for greater usability, including a REC button and Still/Movie/S&Q buttons for easy switching between modes.

The ZV-1 II is available from June 2023 at Sony’s authorised dealers at an estimated retail price of €1,000 EUR. With its improved image quality, accessibility features, and enhanced usability, it won’t be long before the ZV-1 II becomes the go-to choice for content creators everywhere.