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With the Detroit Pistons looking to find a permanent head coach after Dwane Casey stepped down two months ago, they have made their intentions clear in pursuing Monty Williams of the NBA’s winningest coach since 2021. As of now, the Pistons organization is preparing an offer of $10 million per year to Williams which would put him among the league’s highest-paid coaches, and if declined, assistant Bucks coach Darvin Lee is expected to take his place.

What makes Monty William such an attractive option that Pistons are so keen on? After being named the head coach of the New Orleans Pelicans in 2010, Williams has gone on to have an impressive career. He led the Pelicans to the playoffs twice and was one of the first coaches to adapt to small-ball basketball in the NBA. His commitment to player development over the years has earned him great respect from not only his players but other coaches across the league as well.

During his time as the head coach of the Phoenix Suns, he guided them to a 19-29 record with the team missing the playoffs due to Covid-19. His innovative approach and clear message has been credited for the Suns’ success during his stint, even without all-star guard Devin Booker and center Deandre Ayton.

If Williams takes the position of the Detroit Pistons head coach, it could be the start of an exciting new era under his guidance. With a young core of Andre Drummond, Blake Griffin, Luke Kennard and Bruce Brown, a coach with Williams’ pedigree and experience will be able to maximize their potential. A move to Detroit also presents some interesting challenges, however, most notably the task of ensuring Gores’ vision of a championship team is achieved soon.

Ultimately, Gores has made it apparent that he wants to build a winning culture in Detroit as soon as possible. His pursuit of Williams is a sign of his ambition to make this happen, and if things goes according to plan, he could be an instrumental part of a lucrative future for the Piston’s organization.