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Sponsoring a family member to live in Quebec is possible, although there are certain criteria that need to be met. In order for an individual to be reunited with their family in Canada, they must prove their relationship and the sponsor must meet specific financial criteria.

The Ministry of Immigration, Francization and Integration (MIFI) of Quebec evaluates sponsors based on their financial situation when it comes to sponsoring immigrants. In order to be approved as a sponsor, the MIFI reviews all relevant financial information such as monthly income, debts, assets and any social assistance received. Many of these factors help determine eligibility to sponsor a family member.

The MIFI also considers if the sponsor has defaulted on a previous undertaking or support payments, the duration of their commitment, and if they are in an undischarged bankruptcy. It is important to note that sponsorship will not be approved unless all relevant criteria are met.

The sponsor must be aware of all relevant financial obligations and potential risks involved with sponsorship and must commit to the financial responsibility of their sponsored family member. It is the sponsor’s legal and financial responsibility to provide financial support for the sponsored family member for three years in most cases. This includes any social assistance or other expenses for which the sponsored individual may be eligible during that period. The sponsor must also ensure that their sponsored family member does not become a burden on the welfare system.

Sponsoring a family member can be both rewarding and challenging. For those living in Quebec who wish to bring their family to Canada, it is important to understand the requirements for sponsorship and be aware of the responsibilities that come along with the process.