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What Happened When a Passenger Opened a Door in Mid-Flight on an Asiana Airlines Plane? On Friday, July 19th 2019, a passenger opened a door on an Asiana Airlines flight that landed safely at a South Korean airport. It is reported that some people tried to stop the person, but they were unsuccessful and the door was eventually opened partially. The flight was scheduled for about an hour, though it is not known how long the door was open. The passenger who opened the door was detained by police.

While the incident may sound alarming, no one was injured during this event. Some passengers on the plane were assessed at a hospital to make sure they did not suffer any injuries.

This incident raises several questions about how this could be prevented from happening in the future. As an international airline, Asiana Airlines has taken great care to ensure the safety of its passengers. Safety regulations are posted throughout the plane to remind passengers to keep all doors and windows closed during flights.

In addition to this, Asiana Airlines follows strict security protocols to protect its passengers and crew. For every flight, all passengers are required to go through a security check before boarding the plane. Security personnel and/or airline staff inspect every bag that goes onto the plane, as well as inspecting each passenger.

Asiana Airlines also has cameras on board all of its planes to help monitor the situation and detect any suspicious activity. This incident could have been prevented had the cameras been operating properly.

Finally, it is important for passengers to be respectful and follow regulations while on board the plane, as any disruption can lead to serious consequences. If a passenger is found opening any door or window on the plane, they can be subject to criminal charges and legal action.

Overall, what happened on the Asiana Airlines flight is a good reminder of the importance of following safety regulations and understanding the consequences of any disruptive behavior on a plane. Passengers should be aware of the consequences of their actions, and that it could endanger everyone onboard.

Moreover, Asiana Airlines is committed to following strict safety guidelines to ensure a safe and secure flight experience for all of its passengers. With its security measures and enforcement of regulations, the company is confident in its ability to prevent similar incidents from happening again in the future.