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Actor and director Michael B. Jordan has shown us his love for anime numerous times. From his role in the Netflix series, Raising Dion, all the way to his upcoming project, Creed III, it’s no secret that he’s a fan. Recently, he had the chance to visit Studio Pierrot, the company behind the beloved Naruto anime.

Studio Pierrot invited Jordan to their office for an impromptu visit that left everyone at the company buzzing with excitement. They proudly posted a picture on their official Twitter page of Jordan smiling and holding up a custom piece of art from the Naruto universe. SoraNews24 provides the following translation for Pierrot’s tweet: “Actor Michael B. Jordan, who’s known as a big Naruto fan, came to visit us at Pierrot! Thanks to his enthusiasm and friendliness, it was a big hit!”

Jordan also posted about the experience on his Instagram account. He thanked Studio Pierrot for the one-of-a-kind art that they created just for him, saying, “My day at Studio Pierrot was unforgettable. I got see how anime is made and got a sneak peek of their incredible upcoming projects. A huge thank you to the entire team for being so welcoming and for giving me this dope Naruto art.”

The art that Studio Pierrot gave to Jordan was made based on his own design. He went into the studio with a sketch of a character that he wanted to make and the Studio Pierrot team was able to create a complete piece of artwork that he could take home with him.

Michael B. Jordan’s visit to Studio Pierrot is a testament to the actor’s true passion for anime. His gesture of appreciation to the studio, including his creation of a custom piece of art, is a good reminder that the anime community is built on mutual respect and admiration between creators and fans.

It’s always exciting for us when a high-profile figure like Jordan shows his love for anime. It gives us hope that more people will become aware of the art form and gain an appreciation for it. Here’s to hoping we get to see even more of Jordan’s involvement in the anime world in the future.