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As fans of Tammy Slaton, we were thrilled to see her latest selfies on Instagram this past Saturday. The photo carousel featured the “Sister’s” star looking thin and happy without any oxygen tubes or filters. Just a few months ago, the reality star shared photos of her amazing 300-pound weight loss transformation that has been nothing short of inspiring.

Since first appearing on TLC’s popular show “My 600-lb Life” in 2018, Slaton has managed to make drastic changes to her lifestyle and diet. She now follows a low carb meal plan and exercises regularly, which has allowed her to do the impossible - drop an impressive amount of weight! Being able to inspire so many people with her incredible journey is truly remarkable.

Slaton’s dedication and hard work demonstrate the power of taking control of your health. She has proven that with the right attitude and discipline, it’s possible to make significant changes to your life. At the same time, she recognizes that the journey is far from over. Just last year Slaton admitted to “difficult days” and “really hard moments” during her transformation. But that has not stopped her from continuing to strive for even greater successes.

In her most recent post, Slaton was accompanied by her adorable pup and rugged jean jacker. With an adorable strawberry toothbrush between her lips, it is no surprise why her followers are lovingly referring to her as their ‘sunshine’. Seeing a confident smile on her face shows how far she has come since her 600-pound days and gives us hope for the future.

The impact Tammy Slaton has made on the world is undeniable. Her story of perseverance and dedication have motivated many people to keep pushing forward. We hope to continue to watch her transformation journey, and wish her nothing but success in the future.