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As one of the longest weekends of the year approaches, there’s no better time to take a break and catch up on the latest tech news. Quartz has recently been reporting on some of the most interesting developments in the tech world, from groundbreaking concepts to industry-altering decisions. Here are five things especially worth checking out:

  1. Sam Altman crosses the pond. Tech entrepreneur Sam Altman, known for founding Y Combinator and OpenAI, is relocating to the UK as chairman of OpenAI. He’ll be bringing his expertise and know-how to a country rapidly becoming a European Silicon Valley in its own right.

  2. Public tech bank: The frequent bank collapses we’ve seen lately highlight the need for alternative ways of funding tech projects. Quartz economics reporter Nate DiCamillo has proposed a “national public tech bank” that would not only add a layer of stability but also focus on projects that will have real, tangible benefits for generations to come.

  3. Taking a stand against intolerance. Silicon Valley companies are increasingly taking a stance against hate speech, with Apple, Facebook, Google, and Microsoft recently agreeing on a joint statement of principles pledging to uphold free expression but also to work to limit the spread of “intolerance and discrimination.”

  4. AI meets retail therapy. Google has announced plans to open a “store of the future” in London, using personalization and artificial intelligence to create an individualized shopping experience. It’s a fascinating glimpse into how advanced technology is transforming the retail landscape.

  5. Helping (AI) hands. AI systems are becoming increasingly capable, but they can still benefit from human input. That’s why companies like Google, Amazon, and Microsoft are leveraging crowdsourced workers to help teach their AI systems how to recognize events, objects, and other features in videos and images.

These are just a few of the stories we’re following at Quartz—we hope you’ll follow along too! Sunday Reads was brought to you by Susan Howson, Morgan Haefner, Heather Landy, and Julia Malleck.