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The Chicago White Sox have been on a roll in the past two weeks, and a large part of the success can be attributed to their starting pitching. The team’s starting rotation delivered ten quality starts in the thirteen games leading up to Thursday, May 25, and the numbers speak for themselves. Thanks to the impressive performance of Sox starters, the team boasts a 2.37 ERA, .193 opponent’s average, and 65 strikeouts during this stretch.

An important factor that has allowed the team to pull together these impressive numbers is how often they have been able to work longer innings. With over 10 quality starts out of the 13 games, the Sox pitchers have been able to provide some length to their outings. Longer innings equals less work for the bullpen which in turn keeps them better rested and prepared for game day. The entire pitching staff has shown remarkable discipline as their overall ERA since April 30th is a league-leading 3.53.

But why have the Sox starters seen such success? One of the key reasons is the players that have been taking the mound in recent games. The team has players like veteran Lucas Giolito, newly acquired Duncan Robinson, and future Hall of Famer Fernando Tatis Jr. This combination of experience and talent have proven to be an effective mix. Giolito is one of the best starters in the league with his powerful fastball and effective off-speed pitches, while Robinson has proven to be a steady presence and even Tatis is beginning to make his mark on the mound.

Credit must also be given to the team’s coaching staff for their ability to prepare the team for success. Head coach Pedro Grifol has done an outstanding job of honing the skills of each individual player and even said before Thursday’s game “It’s amazing what starting pitching does”. Grifol knows what needs to be done to get the most out of his players and has the team looking ahead to continued success in the second half of the season.

The Chicago White Sox have been riding high lately, and a lot of that is due to the great job their starting pitchers have been doing. Proven veterans, unproven young stars, and a strong coaching staff have all contributed to the strong start for the team. As long as their starting staff can keep up the pace, the White Sox could be in for an exciting year.