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The impeachment of Texas attorney general Ken Paxton has brought to light some serious divisions amongst Texas Republican Party members, particularly over how they should use their power and what the Federation should look like in the future.

The vote to impeach Mr. Paxton was unexpected due to a lack of indication that it could be imminent, but it was the culmination of months of discord within the Republican-controlled legislature. These increasingly acrimonious debates highlighted the warring nature of two distinct sides among party members.

The impeachment has drawn the attention of national Republicans, including former President Donald Trump. His presence represents the growing influence of the more conservative aspects of the Party. With the state seeing a shift in voter demographics, the resulting changes are bound to impact the Republican Party’s identity and shape.

ThePaxton impeachment brings to light the divisions between conservative and moderate Republicans in the state. The debate over the Party’s direction is unlikely to be resolved any time soon. It is a debate that will likely continue to roil the state as well as the national Republican Party, with Texans on both sides of the divide looking to draw from different ideological influences.

With Republicans in control of the state government, the tensions within the party are unlikely to abate anytime soon. It remains to be seen if and how this division will affect the policies of future state legislatures. In the meantime, it is clear that the Texas Republican Party is in flux and that the political landscape of the state is set to change.