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The tragic death of a youth in Bolangir district late Tuesday night has raised serious concerns about rising crime in the area. Two youths, Saroj and another, were attacked with sharp weapons near Nrusingha temple. While Saroj succumbed to his injuries, the other managed to survive but has been hospitalized in a critical condition.

This incident is just one amongst many similar ones in the recent past in Bolangir district of Odisha. In fact, a decomposed body was found inside a house at Salepali village on May 17th. This has left the local populace in a state of fear and shock. The police have launched a probe to identify and nab the culprits behind these attacks.

These kinds of incidents are often caused due to a lack of safety and security measures in the region. The police force needs to be strengthened and better equipped with the latest gadgets and technologies so that they can respond quickly to any untoward incident.

In addition, awareness among the local population needs to be increased regarding personal safety. People should remain alert and informed about what is happening around them, and they should not hesitate to reach out for help or assistance when needed.

It is also important to improve the infrastructure and lighting in the region. Dark and secluded areas should be illuminated to deter any potential criminal activity. Government bodies should also ensure that public spaces are regularly monitored and patrolled, and suspicious behavior should be reported to the authorities immediately.

Overall, it is essential for all stakeholders to come together and do their bit to ensure the safety and security of the citizens of Bolangir. These kinds of incidents should not be tolerated and must be dealt with promptly and strictly. It is also important to spread awareness about the importance of personal safety and security, and how everyone can play their part in keeping their communities safe.