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The discovery of a 118-year-old time capsule at an Ohio fire station is nothing short of incredible. Firefighters found a copper box in the cornerstone of the old station and upon opening it, they discovered badges from the turn of the century and a roster for the fire company from 1905. There was also a Marion Daily News newspaper from that time period and a book from the Marion Steam Shovel Company.

Time capsules are fascinating historical documents and often contain items that help tell the story of a time and place. This particular time capsule is no exception, as it gives us a window into early 20th century Marion, Ohio. It’s interesting to note that these items were placed in the cornerstone in 1905; one can just imagine the excitement and anticipation of seeing what has been sealed away for over a century.

The firefighters are now in the process of preserving these artifacts and eventually displaying them in a case at the newly constructed Station 1. This will be a great way for the community to remember its past and honor those who served in the Marion Fire Department over the course of many years.

Time capsules have been used throughout history to commemorate important events or milestones, and this one is no different. As the city transitions to a new era with its new fire station, it’s fitting that these special artifacts have been uncovered so as to provide a reminder of how far the department has come since 1905. It’s a reminder to always take the time to pause and reflect on the legacies of those who came before us.

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