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Suraj Tiwari, 27, is an inspiration to all: he has overcome challenges that could have held him back and achieved success in the civil services examination. Tiwari, a resident of Kaswa Kurawli in Mainpuri district, suffers from disability in both his legs and one hand. Despite this, Tiwari worked hard and eventually secured 917th rank in the civil services examinations.

Tiwari’s journey began with a spark of hope when he decided to take the written exam of UPSC. Though he fell short by a few marks for the interview in his first attempt, Tiwari did not give up. He worked day and night to prepare for the second attempt, determined to shine brighter this time. After months of hard work, it all paid off: Tiwari emerged triumphant in the civil services examinations, and was finally selected for the post of Assistant Commissioner.

The challenges that Tiwari faced in his journey are visible to everyone - disability being just one among many. But what is more admirable is the courage and spirit that Tiwari showed during his journey. His determination to succeed amidst all odds inspired many people to follow their dreams.

Tiwari’s story serves as a constant reminder that where there is will, there is a way. It teaches us that it’s not the circumstances that define us, but our attitude to these circumstances that matters. Challenges are inevitable in life, but the right attitude and relentless hard work can help us achieve success.

Tiwari’s story reaffirms that with dedication, perseverance and courage, it is possible to rise above every challenge in life. It also sets an example that nothing is impossible if one puts their mind to it. In times like these, stories like ones of Tiwari are needed to encourage and motivate us to never give up and keep striving for success no matter how difficult the journey is.