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Are you ready to meet the crew of Virgin Galactic’s Unity 25 launch? This is a suborbital spaceflight operated by Virgin Galactic and it will be taking place soon. The exact time of the launch is currently unknown, but it is expected to take place in May 2021.

The primary objective of this mission is to conduct experiments and studies to further Virgin Galactic’s goal of developing commercial space travel. There will be four passengers on this flight. All four of them are experienced astronauts and they have been assigned Astronaut Numbers for this mission.

These four passenger crewmembers are:

  1. Mark “Forger” Stucky- Astronaut Number VG001

  2. CJ Sturckow- Astronaut Number VG002

  3. Dave Mackay- Astronaut Number VG003

  4. Beth Moses- Astronaut Number VG004

All four of these passengers have extensive experience with spaceflight and many have logged hundreds of hours in space. Mark Stucky is a veteran of over 20 years in the space industry. CJ Sturckow has flown more than 1,000 hours in space and has completed four space shuttle missions. Dave Mackay is a former NASA astronaut and has flown on three space shuttle missions. Finally, Beth Moses is a world-renowned commercial astronaut trainer who has trained many astronauts from around the world.

Unfortunately, because of the limited seating on board the spacecraft, the public will not be able to join this mission. However, there are plans to live stream parts of the mission so that those interested in spaceflight can get a glimpse into what this mission is all about. So, if you’re not able to join the mission physically, be sure to check out the livestream for updates.

We look forward to seeing what the crew of Unity 25 accomplish and to the success of their mission. Space.com will be providing full coverage of the mission on May 25th so be sure to stay tuned!