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The computer industry has been through a series of rapid changes over the past few years, but it appears that two of the most important transitions are accelerated computing and generative AI. Companies like Nvidia and AMD, who specialize in these technologies, have already begun to benefit from this booming market and are expected to continue to do so in the foreseeable future.

Nvidia, a leader in the GPU market, recently reported record revenues for 2020 and is uniquely positioned to capitalize on the demands of this transforming industry. Its widely popular GPUs have become an industry standard for performance, allowing companies to take advantage of both enhanced computing power and the capability of AI development.

However, as popular as Nvidia has become, there is still room in the market for its competitor, AMD. With a host of GPUs at its disposal, AMD is able to offer a range of options for different needs. Furthermore, AMD’s stock prices are priced at a discount to other companies in the same sector, such as Nvidia, making it a viable long-term investment option. Investors can purchase shares for nearly 30 times their projected earnings in 2024, with a forecasted growth of 44% in the upcoming year.

For investors looking for exposure to tech stocks as the industry continues to evolve, AMD may be an attractive option due to its value, product offerings, and predicted growth. Unlike Nvidia, where stock prices have been steadily increasing, AMD can still be had at a discounted rate. Although Nvidia may have more advanced products available, AMD also has a strong presence in the sector and may have some advantage when it comes to affordability.

In conclusion, the computer industry is going through exciting changes as we move forward into the future, and AMD is well positioned to benefit from the accelerated computing and AI market. With a lower price point than its competitors, AMD might be the better buy for investors looking for a long-term return on their tech investments.