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In recent times, there’s been a sudden rise in the popularity of dance videos featuring bride and grooms. This is especially true for Indian weddings. One such recent video was a hit on Instagram. It showed a newly married couple dancing to the popular Aamir Khan song ‘Aati Kya Khandala’ from the 1998 film ‘Ghulam’.

The video starts with the groom greeting the bride’s mother before turning towards his bride and beginning the traditional marriage procession. The camera then moves away as the couple dances their way to the iconic song. In the video, the bride is seen dressed elegantly in traditional Indian wedding attire, while the groom is seen wearing a vibrant blue sherwani. As they groove to the music, their faces beam with joy and excitement, creating an enchanting atmosphere.

Not only were the moves synchronized, but the couple also managed to keep in tune with the beats of the music. Their energy was contagious and they showcased some truly mesmerizing dance moves. The video has been doing rounds on social media and has gotten over 2 million views. What made this video stand out was the couple’s enthusiasm and vigor.

Apart from the bride and grooms dance video, there are plenty of other popular dance videos featuring couples at their weddings. These videos often make for a great keepsake and serve as a reminder of the special moment. From romantic slow dances to energetic bhangra, each dance performance is unique and serves as a testimony to the couple’s love for each other. With millions of views of these videos, it’s no wonder why people love them so much.

In conclusion, dance videos featuring bride and grooms have become very popular in the recent times. This particular video of the couple grooving to Aamir Khan’s ‘Aati Kya Khandala’ has taken the internet by storm and has been viewed millions of times. Apart from this, there are many other such dance performances that have stolen the hearts of many. If you are looking for special memories to cherish, then be sure to capture such moments by clicking some awesome dance videos.