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The recent incident of a youth being hacked to death in Bhubaneswar is a stark reminder of the vulnerability of citizens in an otherwise peaceful city. The deceased, Kalia Nayak alias Sushant, was killed by four miscreants in the Smart City in the early hours of Wednesday.

The Commissionerate Police has launched an investigation into this heinous crime, and their immediate action shows that they’re taking it seriously.

Violent crimes like this are rare but not unheard of in Bhubaneswar. Given the city’s rapidly increasing population, such occurrences can only be expected to become more frequent if effective measures are not taken to prevent them.

It is therefore crucial that the Commissionerate Police take steps to curb these types of criminal activities. Not only should they enforce the existing laws, but they should also introduce new safety measures such as more police presence in vulnerable areas, better patrolling and surveillance systems, and more effective monitoring mechanisms.

Moreover, it is important that the public take responsibility for their own security. People should be encouraged to follow safety protocols and precautions such as avoiding dark alleys or isolated spots late at night, traveling with at least one other person, and keeping emergency contacts and numbers handy at all times.

Finally, greater emphasis must be given to preventive measures such as teaching people about the importance of respecting each other’s privacy and safety. A sense of ‘community policing’ should be developed among citizens, so that everyone feels responsible for the security and overall welfare of the whole community.

By taking these steps, the Bhubaneswar Commissionerate Police can throw an open challenge to criminal elements and ensure that people are safe and secure in the city.