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China and Nepal Revise Height of Mt. Everest to 8,849 meters

On Tuesday, China and Nepal jointly announced a revised height for Mt. Everest (also known as Mt. Qomolangma) at  8,848.86 meters (29,032 feet). The new official height is higher than both Nepal and China’s previous measurements.CNN reports that the two countries have had a decade-long dispute over the height of the world’s highest peak, but finally…

Japanese PHOTOS

PHOTOS: Japanese Occupation of Shanghai, Then and Now

The Japanese takeover of Shanghai’s International Settlement began on December 8, 1941. Here are some photos of the captured areas then and now.1. Garden Bridge (then) and Waibaidu Bridge (now)Japanese Special Naval Landing Force marines drive across Garden Bridge (now Waibaidu Bridge) past Shanghai Mansions (now Broadway Mansions) and onto the Bund on the morning of…

Japanese Shanghai’s

On This Day: Japanese Take Shanghai’s International Settlement

The voice at the other end of the line was terse and to the point: “The Japanese have bombed Pearl Harbor in Hawaii, and Britain is consequently at war with Japan.” Lieutenant Stephen Polkinghorn was not surprised at the news from the British Embassy in Shanghai – nor at what came next.“Obviously, there is nothing…

government Leaked

Leaked government Photograph of a UFO

This is a leaked photo which reportedly came from a 2018 document prepared by the Unidentified Aerial Phenomena Task Force (UAPTF) which is the US defense department’s group that investigates UFOs. The photo itself is said to be considered “Unclassified and For Official Use Only,” however, because the image and accompanying report were shared on…

makes messenger

Motorcycle messenger Gets his way around NYC Visitors without brakes

This is a video of bike messenger Cooper Ray and videographer Terry Barentsen (the guy behind the camera) making their way around NYC traffic. You know that movie Premium Rush starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt where the premise of the movie is that he doesn’t have brakes on his bike? Well this is that: What makes Cooper’s…

astronauts Names

NASA names the astronauts eligible for early Artemis Moon missions

NASA has shared a shortlist of astronauts eligible for the first Artemis missions to the Moon, and it won’t surprise you to hear that it’s an eclectic mix. The 18 candidates not only cover a range of backgrounds, but include everyone from relative newcomers to some of its most seasoned veterans.Eight of the astronauts are…

Germany opens

Germany opens antitrust probe into Facebook and Oculus account linking

“In the future, the use of the new Oculus glasses requires the user to also have a Facebook account. Linking virtual reality products and the group’s social network in this way could constitute a prohibited abuse of dominance by Facebook,” the agency’s president Andreas Mundt said in a statement. “With its social network Facebook holds…

hosted Mansoor

AT&T hosted a live Axel Mansoor concert in AR using only 5G phones

The concert took advantage of 5G’s extra bandwidth and low latency as well as machine learning and edge computing (that is, putting computational power close to where it’s needed). Before, an AR performance might have involved specialized volumetric streaming hardware, motion capture suits or simply pre-recording the show.AT&T and Ericsson are quick to acknowledge the…

organizational Pinterest

Pinterest adds better organizational tools for your online mood boards

That you couldn’t leave yourself private notes or sort boards by your preferred Pins already seems rather silly in hindsight, but hey — better late than never, we suppose. Here’s hoping these additions wind up working out well for frazzled holiday shoppers the booming number of users Pinterest believes are planning for the births of…

musical Ratatouille'

‘Ratatouille’ musical made by TikTok creators will stream on January 1st

The idea was first born from a video created by Em Jaccs (@e_jaccs) called Ode to Remy. That got noticed by composer and arranger Daniel Mertzlufft, who created an orchestral score around it with inspiration from The Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast, Frozen and other Disney musicals. Other creators with time on their hands…