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Police roll up crime Programs in Europe after infiltrating popular encrypted chat app

Hundreds of alleged drug dealers and other criminals are in custody today after police in Europe infiltrated an encrypted chat system reportedly used by thousands to discuss illegal operations. The total failure of this ostensibly secure method of communication will likely have a chilling effect on the shadowy industry of crime-focused tech. “Operation Venetic” was…

Countless alleged drug dealers and other criminals are in custody today after police in Europe infiltrated an encrypted chat system allegedly used by tens of thousands to explore illegal operations. The collapse of the method of communication will likely have a chilling impact on crime-focused tech’s dark sector.

“Operation Venetic” was reported by various police agencies, major regional news outlets, and by Motherboard in particularly vibrant type, quoting widely people apparently from within the groups affected.

The performance involved hundreds of officers working across several agencies in France, the Netherlands, the U.K., and other nations. It began in 2017, and surfaced two weeks back when a service called EncroChat was hacked and the messages of thousands of users exposed to police examination.

EncroChat is a measure up in some ways from encrypted chat programs like Signal and WhatsApp. Rather like Blackberry did, EncroChat supplied a OS, customized hardware, and also its servers to users .

Messages on the ceremony were allegedly very secure and’d deniability built in by allowing discussions be edited afterwards — so theoretically a user can claim after the fact that they never said something. Motherboard’s Joseph Cox has been following the company for quite a while and has much more information on its claims and operations.

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Obviously those claims weren’t entirely accurate, as at some point in ancient 2020 police managed to introduce malware into the EncroChat system that completely subjected the talks and images of its users. Due to the nature of this app, people would openly discuss murders, drug prices, and other crimes, which makes them sitting ducks for law enforcement.

During the spring criminal surgeries were cracked open with alarming (to them) regularity, but it wasn’t until May that consumers and EncroChat was able to put the pieces together. The business tried to warn its customers and issue an upgrade, however, the cat was out of the bag. Seeing that its operation was exposed, the Operation Venetic teams struck.

Arrests around the several countries involved (there were numerous sub-operations however France and the Netherlands were the primary researchers ) entire near a thousand, but accurate numbers aren’t clear. Dozens of guns, tons (metric( obviously ) of medication and also the equivalent of thousands of dollars in cash were seized. The chat logs appear to have provided access to individuals higher up the food chain compared to busts will have.

That the reportedly popular of encrypted chat companies concentrated on illegal activities might be completely subverted by global authorities will probably put a damper on its competition. But like other national barriers such as the complaints by the FBI, to encryption, this event is much more likely to strengthen the tools.

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