‘PUBG’ PC Change 8.3 Adds Ferries & Jammer Pack

PUBG update 8.3 has at last made its scheme to PC reside servers, with novel additions adore Erangel ferries, the Jammer Pack Item and extra. Be taught the beefy patch notes under courtesy of a submit on the game’s official subreddit.

PUBG Change 8.3 Patch Notes

Novel Feature: Erangel Ferries

pubg update 8.3 erangel ferries patch notes
‘PUBG’ update 8.3 brings ferries to Erangel. Be taught the beefy patch notes under. ‘PUBG’ is available now on PC, Xbox One and PS4.
PUBG Corporation

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For these of you wondering what the novel docks on Erangel have faith been all about since we added them last update, your ship has can be found in!

Two novel Ferry lines will now lift passengers across the water from Southern Erangel to Sosnovka Island and motivate. There is a total of 4 ferries that style spherical trips at some level of the game for these of you no longer feeling lucky sufficient to yolo it across the bridge.

  • Four Ferries have faith been added to Erangel
  • Ferries allow gamers to board and run by capability of two procedure routes between the Erangel Mainland and Sosnovka Island
    • Each and each route has two Ferries
  • Each and each Ferry will proceed from the docks with the first segment of the Blue Zone
  • Once arriving at a dock, ferries will reside docked for about 20 seconds sooner than taking to the sea en route to their destination
    • Ferries will sound a horn seven secs before arrival and departure. Hop aboard!

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  • Ferries are no longer available in Ranked Mode or Esports Mode in Customized Fits

Novel Item: Jammer Pack

pubg update 8.3 jammer pack patch notes
Jammer Packs temporarily disrupt circle ruin for a brief duration of time.
PUBG Corporation

Now we have faith been teasing the Jammer Pack for a whereas, and or no longer it’s at last making its Battlegrounds debut! The Jammer Pack enables you to forestall Blue Zone ruin for a brief time on the expense of level 3 net dwelling. For now, the Jammer Pack will most provocative spawn no longer frequently ever on Sanhok and Karakin in Fashioned and Customized Fits.

  • The Jammer Pack uses its vitality to temporarily prevent gamers from taking ruin from the Blue Zone
    • An novel vitality bar for the Jammer Pack will be displayed on cowl as soon as outfitted
  • Once all vitality has been depleted, the Jammer Pack will feature most provocative a normal backpack, no longer giving any security in opposition to the Blue Zone
    • Energy depletes extra snappily because the Blue Zone presents extra ruin
  • Readily available in Fashioned and Customized Fits as uncommon world loot spawn on Karakin and Sanhok
    • Furthermore accessible from the Sanhok Loot Truck



  • Decoy Grenades have faith been added Karakin and Coaching Mode
  • Miramar hay bales and haystacks are actually destructible (mighty adore their Erangel counterparts)
  • Added Pai Nan and Bootcamp to Workers Deathmatch
  • Added extra pure duvet in the form of trees and rocks out of doors Bootcamp, Sanhok on each and each the North and West facets
  • Since the novel sound enhancements to the Kar98good passable and SKS, we now have faith got ideas that the total volume of the sounds are too loud. Now we have faith heard your ideas and have faith lowered the amount when firing each and each the Kar98good passable and SKS
  • Destructible wooden shacks have faith been re-added to Erangel
    • These have faith been temporarily changed with concrete shacks in Change 8.2 in consequence of a technical dispute

Sanhok Loot Truck

  • Added Jammer Pack to available loot pool
  • Tremendously lowered the amount of Stage 3 Helmets and Ghillie suits drops
  • Restricted the amount of reproduction merchandise drops from Loot Trucks, to forestall scenarios the achieve uncouth loot of the the same form is dropped from one Loot Truck

Abet Machine

Up except now, assists have faith been most provocative tracked for the length of the recap of Ranked Mode suits. Now we’re rising upon its visibility and including it to Fashioned Fits as wisely, with novel UI parts added to expose when your assists happen.

Abet UI and messaging has been added to Ranked Mode, Fashioned Fits in Duos/Squads and group modes in Battle Royale Customized Fits. The novel again system for TDM will reside unchanged.

  • Assists are earned after dealing on the least 25 ruin to an enemy who’s then killed rapidly after by a teammate
    • You can be granted an again for enemies knocked inside of 60 seconds of you dealing the minimum ruin, who’re then later killed by considered one of your teammate, without being revived beforehand
    • Assists additionally observe when these prerequisites are met in scenarios the achieve an enemy dies precise now, in consequence of being the last member alive in their group or squad

Teammate Wrestle Indicators

Now we have faith added a visible indication for when your squad mates are attacked by enemy gamers. This might maybe occasionally again groups react extra snappily to allies under fire, especially these no longer the employ of shriek comms.

  • Further indicators will now portray alongside the novel teammate UI to again you to name when teammates are engaged in fight.
  • You can survey these indicators in the novel areas you score recordsdata to your teammate’s novel dispute.
    • Workers HUD
    • Minimap
    • On-cowl 3D teammate icons
    • The notifications could no longer portray whereas spectating (including replays) or looking on the Deathcam

Bot AI enhancements

  • Now we have faith made about a enhancements to bots to style them act honest a little extra naturally

M416 Sound Adjustment

Sound is a actually critical component in PUBG’s gameplay, realism, and fun and the PUBG Sound group has been attempting to search out locations to style bigger this quality further. One arena we now have faith focused is bettering weapon sounds to deal with a ask at and lift them as shut to practical as imaginable. To this terminate, the sound group no longer too long ago updated the weapon sounds of the M416. On the opposite hand, we now have faith got a extensive amount of ideas that these novel sounds are no longer as a lot as the necessities and goes in opposition to the acquainted gameplay abilities you achieve a query to.

With the above in thoughts, we now have faith made extra enhancements on the M416 sounds. We hope these novel changes are extra to your liking, and could calm be monitoring your ideas. Our purpose is to produce essentially the most provocative quality and most practical gameplay sounds for you, so that that you can perhaps also count on essentially the most traditional gameplay abilities and entirely immerse yourself in the Battlegrounds.

Ranked Mode

Educate your abilities whereas matchmaking

Gamers will now have faith the probability to affix Coaching Mode whereas watching for their Ranked Match queue. About 30 seconds after your queue begins, that you can be given a popup asking whether you should remain in the foyer or be half of Coaching Mode.

That is a valid, entirely no longer obligatory scheme to heat up and pass the time sooner than coming into into your Ranked Match.

  • After matchmaking for 30 seconds, that you can be provided with the probability to enter Coaching Mode whereas remaining in queue for your Ranked Match
  • You can enlighten to either reside in the foyer or enter Coaching Mode whereas continuing to motivate for a match
    • Undergo in thoughts, that you can no longer essentially be positioned into the the same Coaching Mode instance as your teammates
  • You and your teammates will mechanically be a ways flung from Coaching Mode and despatched into a Ranked Match as soon as chanced on
  • Leaving Coaching Mode manually will return you to the essential menu, the achieve that you can reside in the Ranked Mode queue
    • You can no longer have faith the probability to rejoin Coaching Mode if that you can perhaps also have faith manually left
  • Matchmaking will be cancelled if any teammates exit PUBG, or cancel matchmaking

Performance and Optimization

  • Reduced the probability of hitching or stuttering to happen whereas the game is spawning devices
    • Items will be loaded upfront for the length of the loading splash cowl
    • We build a query to this enchancment will additionally resolve most circumstances of devices no longer being displayed upon touchdown and circumstances the achieve throwing a melee weapon can cease in the projectile visually stuttering.
  • Character Spawning Optimization
    • Reduced circumstances of hitching or stuttering which could happen for the length of the loading of extra than one autos or gamers straight away.
  • Optimized shadow animations when exiting autos
  • Optimized the mark of world particle results to ease capability overloads which could trigger a decrease in efficiency
  • Optimized the rendering pipeline to pork up efficiency

Customized Fits

Loot Truck Icons

  • Novel icons for loot trucks have faith been added in the observer mode.
  • Loot truck icons expose two states of the truck. Live or Uninteresting.


  • Participant headup UI displayed in the observer mode has been a bit optimized for better abilities.
  • Added Jammer Backpack (Sanhok and Karakin)

Esports Ruleset update

  • Esports Mode has been updated with essentially the most up-to-date world S.U.P.E.R. ruleset
  • For beefy details, including particular spawn fee adjustments, please consult with the World Esports Ruleset available at https://www.pubgesports.com

Social Capabilities

So that you can style our friend system more straightforward to employ and a bigger arena for all issues social, we now have faith revamped the system into a mark novel Social Page. Here that you can perhaps also survey your traffic checklist, people that you can perhaps also have faith no longer too long ago conducted with, etc.

  • Improved the traffic checklist popout, changing it with the novel beefy cowl Social Page.
  • The Social Page is also accessed by clicking the social widget in the decrease lawful nook of the foyer on the essential menu.
  • Workers invite settings is also changed on novel Social Page

Indulge in a temporary click on across the Social Page subsequent time you are in-sport to peek how all of it works.


Retailer – Featured online page Overhaul

Retailer featured online page has long passed by strategy of an overhaul to produce a bigger abilities. Browse and work along with the novel featured online page!


  • The outgame background color has been changed to pork up readability and quality
  • Improved some fabricate parts for consistency
  • Indicators and a message will now be displayed In scenarios the achieve connectivity points to Steam are stopping certain outgame capabilities from working accurately
  • Ranked Mode insignias have faith been aligned on the foyer cowl


Novel Items



  • Battle Bunny Situation
  • Floptop Situation

Particular particular person devices

  • Battle Bunny Outfit
  • Battle Bunny Conceal
  • Bunnycomb – M24
  • Floptop Tank
  • Floptop Hoodie
  • Floptop Pants
  • Floptop Conceal
  • Floptop Sneakers
  • Moondust – AUG




Particular particular person devices

  • Shackled Monarch – SKS
  • Blue Whale Cult – AKM
  • Seahorse Cult – Beryl M762

Striped Graffiti

Particular particular person devices

  • Striped Graffiti Purple – Helmet (Stage 3)
  • Striped Graffiti Yellow – Helmet (Stage 3)

2020 Halloween


  • CARRIONETTE COSTUME SET (2018 Halloween option available)
  • MALEVOLENT MIME COSTUME SET (2018 Halloween option available)
  • GRIM GOALIE COSTUME SET (2018 Halloween option available)
  • EXECUTIONER COSTUME SET (2018 Halloween option available)

Particular particular person devices

  • Carrionette Backpack (Stage 1)
  • Carrionette Costume
  • Carrionette Leggings
  • Carrionette Wig
  • Carrionette Conceal
  • Malevolent Mime Costume
  • Malevolent Mime Leggings
  • Malevolent Mime Beret
  • Malevolent Mime Helmet – (Stage 2)
  • Malevolent Mime Backpack (Stage 3)
  • Faceless Freak Conceal
  • Grim Goalie Conceal
  • Grim Goalie Costume
  • Scrapyard Slasher
  • Spiker Helmet – (Stage 1)
  • Warning Tape Backpack (Stage 2)
  • Executioner Costume
  • Executioner Pants
  • Curved Cleaver

2018 Halloween Items

  • Killer Clown Situation
  • Extinct Mummy Situation
  • Bloody nurse Situation

Worm Fixes


  • Mounted the unheard of reverb when firing the AWM
  • Mounted the Kar98good passable reverb sound no longer taking half in when taking pictures out of doors
  • Mounted a controversy the achieve gamers could employ melee weapons at some level of the starting plane in Battle Mode
  • Mounted a visible dispute with the Skorpion the achieve the saunter moved too a ways ahead in single fire mode
  • Mounted a visible dispute the achieve the bullet ejector on the Skorpion ejector did now not birth after switching to beefy-auto firing mode
  • Mounted a controversy the achieve Panzerfaust warheads would circulate in-arena when firing because the participant is DBNO’d
  • Mounted the dispute the achieve throwing a grenade on the exact moment of dying created a reproduction grenade in the inventory
  • Mounted the dispute the achieve vaulting whereas switching weapons could interrupt the action and unholster the weapon
  • Mounted the dispute the achieve a personality’s face would portray abnormally when performing a throwing action after conserving a melee weapon
  • Mounted the dispute the achieve M24’s entrance iron locate would portray abnormally in ADS


  • Mounted the dispute the achieve boats could spawn on top of wooden docks on Erangel
  • Mounted a controversy the achieve characters could deal with ruin whereas leaping contentiously on the entrance-aspect of trains on Vikendi


  • Mounted misaligned text on the Match Historic past cowl
  • Mounted a controversy which omitted helmet level recordsdata of some helmet devices on the customize cowl
  • Mounted the dispute the achieve novel make-up skins are misaligned in the customize cowl
  • Mounted the dispute the achieve some killfeed photos overlap with other UI for the length of the Deathcam
  • Tremendously mitigated a controversy the achieve squadmates weren’t displayed in the group checklist UI


  • Mounted the dispute the achieve menu navigation arrows did now not have faith any sound results

Skins & Items

  • Mounted the lively texture displayed when equipping Plaid Skirt (Flannel Grey)
  • Mounted a controversy the achieve characters would load into the game most provocative wearing some devices, when equipping a bow tie costume and another merchandise
  • Mounted a controversy the achieve segment of the personality’s body is in part clear when equipping Heavy Fur Coat and Summer season Bikini devices together
  • Mounted the dispute the achieve female personality’s legs displayed abnormally when equipping Lucha Royale Wrestler Boots
  • Mounted the clipping dispute when wearing Duncan’s Pants
  • Mounted the mirrored text on a Retro Synthwave skin
  • Mounted the dispute the achieve earrings proceed when equipping facial skins (Mustache, masks etc.) along with Sassy Shades (Purple)
  • Mounted the clipping dispute when equipping hoodies along with the PCS1 Conceal


  • Mounted the dispute the achieve the TOP 4 UI displayed even when leaping motivate on the timeline
  • Mounted the dispute the achieve the TOP 4 UI used to be empty when skipping ahead on the timeline

Replay Machine

The replay system has been updated. Replay files from earlier updates are actually unable to be frail.

As girthy as these patch notes seem to be, essentially the most provocative changes in update 8.3 embody Erangel ferries, the Jammer Pack and some reasonably minor destructible enhancements to Miramar. With the novel ferry system, gamers will be in a position to style it across the procedure extra without considerations without essentially compromising approach. On condition that the boats sound a horn sooner than they leave, there’s masses of threat in attempting to employ one. It’ll also again you to flee a particular hot zone, but it will additionally signal your whereabouts to alive to campers.

Something much less honest precise, even though, is the Jammer Pack. This merchandise is in actuality a ripoff of the Gas Conceal in Warzone. Whereas in practice a circle ruin deterrent sounds cheap, or no longer it’s much less vital in PUBG the achieve that extra or much less penalty is never reasonably as devastating. Fortunately, even though, given how uncommon these Jammer Packs seem to be, they mustn’t disrupt gameplay stability too mighty as gamers experiment with them. On the opposite aspect of the pond, we’re extraordinarily chuffed that haystacks on Miramar are at last in a position to errode. Destructible surroundings has been a welcome boost to PUBG, so any scheme that mechanic is also expanded is a ways favored. As a slow-season patch, PUBG update 8.3 completely doesn’t reinvent the wheel, but it does add some provocative wrinkles to the maps gamers know and love.

PUBG is available now on PC, Xbox One and PS4.

What are your thoughts on PUBG update 8.3? Live you adore the ferry and Jammer Pack? Repeat us in the feedback share!