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Re:Water develops’world first’ 100% recycled aluminium bottle:’It’s cutting single-use packaging, plastics and carbon emissions’

Re:Water, a British spring water brand that comes in 100% recycled aluminium bottles, is being served to global leaders today (11 June) at the G7 Summit. As the gathering focuses on the need to ‘build back better’ post COVID to ‘create a greener, more prosperous future’, the decision to ditch single-use plastics at the event…

Re:Water, a British spring water brand that comes in 100% recycled aluminum bottles, is being served to international leaders now (11 June) in the G7 Summit. Since the gathering focuses on the requirement to’build back better’ post COVID to’create a greener, more prosperous future’, the choice to ditch single-use plastics in the event is a reflection of both political dream and general public sentiment.

Matt Crocker, Re:Water co-founder, considers the team’s partnership with the UK Foreign Office is a fantastic example of the government putting its money where its mouth is. “We are really proud to supply the G7. The government often talks about targets — reducing carbon emissions, moving to net zero, reducing single-use plastics. Re:Water does all that. It’s cutting single-use packaging, plastics and carbon emissions.”

Berrington is a water provider that has’been around for decades’. The Herefordshire spring water company’traditionally’ bottles its own water in glass and plastic. Hospitality clients include the likes of Itsu, Leon and The Four Seasons.

UK consumers have soured towards solitary use plastics. According to Kantar statistics, bottled water sales dropped by 6.3% in the year to November 2019. Since the disposition shifted towards plastics, Berrington began to cast around for sustainable packaging alternatives.

Three principles advised this job, Crocker revealed. “Firstly, we wanted something genuinely green. There are quite a few options that, when you scratch the surface, aren’t actually any better. Secondly, consumers need to like it… And finally it has to be commercially viable.”

The solution: The’word’s first’ 100% recycled aluminum bottle.

“What we came up with sounds extremely simple, but it actually took three years to get to market,”​ Crocker represented.

Recycled and recyclable to get a round solution

The lightweight aluminum bottle and aluminium cap is itself 100% recyclable and — notably for Crocker — broadly recycled. “When it comes to recycling there are lots of misunderstandings. It is a complicated issue,”​ he advised us.

Crocker pointed to the fact that while drinks cartons can be made from recyclable material, lots of councils don’t actually recycle them because they have to separate the different layers that the packaging consists of. On average, he explained,’only 24%’ of a drinks carton is recycled…’If you can find a recycling depot that will take it’.

In comparison, aluminum is widely recycled. Really, it’s among the most recycled materials in the nation with a recycling rate of more than 75percent versus 58percent for PET. Significantly, ‘metals recycle forever’.

Counting the carbon price

Developing Re:Water’s distinctive aluminum bottles, Berrington also

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