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Ron Rivera says that he believes Washington will make some noise in the 2020 playoffs

Ron Rivera and the Washington Football Team is one win (plus also a New York Giants‘ reduction ) from making it to the franchise’s first NFL postseason since 2015, also there is some palpable energy from the atmosphere throughout the Washington fanbase. Despite all of the drama and distracting storylines which have come out last week, the team’s final aim remains for the shooting.

If that goal is achieved, Rivera says that he thinks his team can have some real achievement when it comes to the postseason, and at a veiled announcement to whoever their first-round competitor will be on Wild Card Weekend, the coach dares them to overlook that the burgundy and gold.

According to this ever-changing NFL playoff picture, if Washington is able to clinch the 4-seed this weekend, they will probably have an extremely tough matchup in approximately 1 of the playoffs, even facing the very best Wild Card Team. Right now, they would confront the Los Angeles Rams, but it could potentially be the Seattle Seahawks or Tampa Bay Buccaneers that wind up travel to FedEx Field too — we won’t know for sure until at least Week 17, as the Rams and Seahawks play each other this weekend.

Regardless of this matchup,” Rivera has some real optimism in his roster, and he considers that his group could line up with the finest of them. Based on a few of the performances we have seen from the defense, which could possibly be accurate, and if you can get the offense back to honest health, we may be amazed by what this team could perform.

They may only make some real noise.


Washington vs. Carolina: 5 secrets to clinching a playoff berth in D.C. on Sunday

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