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Samsung Galaxy S21 preview: New Appearance, Little changes, along with a price cut

If you took my advice last month and then returned your new Galaxy S20, the day you have been waiting for has nearly arrived. On Thursday, Samsung will maintain its initial Unpacked occasion of 2021, and also the star of this series will be the first Android flagship of the calendar year, the Galaxy S21. Here’s what we think we understand about the brand new mobiles:Design and display
Just when you thought Samsung had run out of ways to make rectangular slabs of glass unique, it uncovers a new way to spice up things. Based on leaked leaves published by Voice, the S21 has a very unique look this season, using a camera module which is apparently cut out from the top corner of the phone. It has a major visual change from its own phones and its competitors and is Very Likely to be the start of a new design language for Samsung’s handsets.To read this article in full, please click here
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