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Steam Deck’s cloud saves may be Steam Deck’s most important feature

Ahead of the Steam Deck’s launch, Valve has detailed a new feature for Steam’s cloud saves that should carry over your progress from your Steam Deck back to your PC (or another Steam Deck) even when you put your Steam Deck into suspend mode without fully exiting a game. Valve has talked about this intriguing…

Valve has revealed a new feature in Steam’s cloud saves. This will allow you to carry your progress back from Steam Deck to your PC (or other Steam Deck), even if your Steam Deck is put into suspend mode. This intriguing idea was discussed by Valve before ,, but it now has a name: Dynamic Cloud Sync.

The way it works is that when your Steam Deck goes into sleep mode, Dynamic cloud Sync will upload “all modified save data” to the cloud. Valve explained this in a blog post Monday . This will allow you to access your saved files from Steam when you are seated at your computer or other device that supports Steam. Steam Deck will automatically download any save updates whenever you wake up.

This feature sounds great and, if it works, it will make all the mobile promises made by Steam Deck seem possible. Competitors, such as the Nintendo Switch, have had to struggle with seamless cloud saves. However, Valve states that developers will need to enable Dynamic Cloud Sync in their games. It might take some time for your favorite titles to have the feature available. And it will require internet connectivity.

If Dynamic Cloud Sync isn’t enabled, Steam will still track progress you make on your

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