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How to fix “Show Accent Colour on Start and Taskbar” grayed out on Windows 11

If you’re trying to change the color of the taskbar in Windows 11, you might find that the option to “Show accent color on Start” is grayed out in the Settings app. We’ll show you how to fix it. Here’s the root of the problem: Windows 11 doesn’t allow you to apply an accent color…

Accent Marks

5 Ways to Add Accent Marks to Letters in Google Docs

When creating a Google Doc where you need to insert letters with accent marks, the process isn’t obvious. Here are a handful of different ways to type accent marks over letters in Google Docs. You may be composing a letter, creating an article, or writing an essay. If you need a letter with an accent…

Accent Intentional

How to Make Your Accent Wall Look Intentional, Not Like an Accident

Photo: virtua73 (Shutterstock)Let’s get real: Sometimes accent walls can look more like accident walls—where someone ran out of paint, and never finished the job. Maybe it was their choice of color, or the wall they selected, but whatever it was, it’s not working. And yet, Instagram is plastered with posts from design accounts showing perfectly…

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We sound the way we sound (video)

What do our voices say about us? “Say That Again?” is a new podcast series about how our identities and experiences shape how we sound – and how the way we speak can be a source of pride, resilience, and understanding. New episodes weekly beginning Feb. 25. February 15, 2022 By Jessica Mendoza Multimedia Reporter Jingnan…

‘The Accent

“The Dick Van Dyke Accent Schools”: Social Media obsesses over Oscar Isaac’s British accent in ‘Moon Knight’ Trailer

“I think I’m losing it.” The first trailer for Disney+ series Moon Knight dropped on Monday night and as with everything that comes from Marvel Studios, the show looks slick and spectacular. In amongst the positive reaction to the trailer, however, was social media locking on to star Oscar Isaac’s British accent. Ostensibly portraying a…