Blamed Changes

USPS changes blamed for deliveries of thousands of dead chicks: ‘We’ve never had a problem like this before’

Poultry farmers in Maine have complained of an increasing number of young chicks dying en route to their farms, blaming it on operational changes to the U.S. Postal Service.Pauline Henderson, who owns Pine Tree Poultry in New Sharon, Maine, said all 800 chicks in a shipment from Pennsylvania were dead by the time they arrived…

Blamed Deaths

At least 2 deaths blamed on Isaias in Dominican Republic

Aug. 1 (UPI) — Hurricane Isaias is garnering attention for its potential landfall on the United States coast this weekend, but it smacked another U.S. area first. On Thursday morning, Isaias, then a tropical storm, dumped flood-inducing rain and drove heavy winds into Puerto Rico, leaving hundreds of thousands without power before eventually making landfall…

Blamed Business Twitter

Twitter hack blamed on human vulnerability, support system currently affected

Although probably still not as scandalous as Facebook’s involvement in the US political scene a few years back that opened a dozen cans of worms, the recent security incident at Twitter definitely has the social networking giant reeling from both the PR fallout as well as legal repercussions. Given its prominent role in today’s society,…

Blamed Protester

Protester Blamed ‘Black Man’ for Giving Her Molotov Cocktail Gear. Then Cops Found Note From a White Painter.

When 27-year-old Samantha Shader was first arrested for allegedly throwing a Molotov cocktail at police, she told detectives that the supplies—including glass bottles—were given to her by a group of Black men and women, according to federal court records.But weeks later, on Friday, police arrested a white man who admitted to providing the materials, 29-year-old…

Blamed Minnesota

Minnesota gov blamed right-wing ‘white supremacists’ for violence — now the truth comes out

Minnesota Gov. Tim Walz, a Democrat, pinned responsibility for the violence in Minneapolis on right-wing “white supremacists” and drug cartels on Saturday. Walz, along with Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey (D) and St. Paul Mayor Melvin Carter (D), also blamed the violence on out-of-state, professional agitators — not local residents. New evidence, however, show their claims…

Blamed Coronavirus

Coronavirus Blamed for Historic US Unemployment Rate in April

The United States economy lost 20.5 million jobs last month. That represents the sharpest increase in the number of jobless Americans since the Great Depression of the 1930s. It is the strongest evidence yet of how much damage the novel coronavirus is causing the world’s biggest economy. The U.S. Labor Department released its monthly employment…