Brave Stunning

Stunning and Brave Texas Democrats Line up to Beg You Not to Consider Them Stunning and Brave

Democrats wouldn’t be Democrats if they didn’t have a hat full of drama queen tactics to pull from whenever they don’t get their way, and Democratic members of the Texas state legislature are no different in that regard. As we previously reported, 50 or so abandoned their Texas House posts during a special session and…

Brave Welterweight

Brave CF 50: Welterweight champ Jarrah Al-Silawi happy to show his talents on Middle East stage

Brave CF welterweight champion Jarrah Al-Silawi is happy to continue proving that he can compete with the best.Al-Silawi (15-3) meets former UFC fighter Ismail Naurdiev (20-4) in the main event of Brave CF 50, which takes place Thursday at The National Stadium in Riffa, Bahrain.“The Jordanian Lion” is accustomed to facing elite-level competition. Having won…