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The way to Check the Battery Health on All Your Apple Devices

Photo: Primakov (Shutterstock)If you’re like me, you relentlessly charge your devices even if doing so might be hurting the battery over the long-term. “This is the way,” I think to myself as I look over at the AirPods Pro charging case that I’ve left plugged in for the last three weeks.One of the best forms…

Check’ Intel

How to check your Intel and M1 Mac’s SSD Wellbeing using Terminal

If you have a newer Mac, it likely uses a speedy solid-state drive to store files, apps, music, videos, and a lot of other important stuff. But there’s one thing you may not know about SSDs: They wear out over time. Since the SSD is such a vital part of your Mac, it’s a good…

Check’ Uk'otoa

Check Out Uk’otoa, the First Board Game From Critical Role’s Darrington Press

Late last year, Critical Role announced its official foray into the world of board and card games with Darrington Press, the company’s new publishing brand. Its first adventure, Uk’otoa, is now available, and IGN has an in-depth look at what players can expect from the new game.The first of four Darrington Press games planned for…

Check’ Video

FACT CHECK: Does This Video Show An Israeli Helicopter Shot Down By Hamas?

A video shared on Facebook purportedly shows an Israeli helicopter shot down by the Palestinian militant group Hamas. Verdict: False The video appears to show a government helicopter that was shot down by rebels in Syria in 2020, not an Israeli helicopter shot down in 2021. Fact Check: The video clip shows a helicopter on…

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FACT CHECK: Does This Photo Show An Israeli Clergyman Blessing Guns?

An image shared on Facebook purportedly shows guns being blessed by an Israeli clergyman. Verdict: False The photo actually shows a priest in Russia blessing guns to be presented to new police recruits. Fact Check: Violent clashes between Israel and Palestinian militant group Hamas began on May 10 and ended May 21 with a mutually-agreed…

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The Way to Check for Apple Watch Updates

AppleIf you have an Apple Watch, it’s not always obvious if you’re running the latest version of Apple’s watchOS operating system. Here’s how to check for updates—and how to perform the update if available. Apple Watch Updates Are Tied to iPhone Updates Before you can update your Apple Watch, you’ll need to update your iPhone…

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FACT CHECK: ‘I Am Not Aware Of Any Animal That Is So Cruel As The Israelis’ — Did David Attenborough Say This?

An image shared on Facebook claims English broadcaster and naturalist David Attenborough made a disparaging comment about Israeli people. Verdict: False There is no record of Attenborough making this comment. It appears to originate from a comment made by a user with the same name on a 2014 news article. Fact Check: Attenborough is renowned…


Check Out a 6M Mansion Carved Into Salt Lake City’s Mount Olympus

May 5, 2021 Share It’s one thing to own a home on top of a mountain, but how about a home carved right into the side of a hill? That’s exactly what makes this 13,588-square-foot home in the exclusive Olympus Cove neighborhood of Salt Lake City, UT, so appealing. The mountainside mansion is now on…

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Check Out This Jaw-Dropping “Cosmic Necklace” Image Shared by NASA

ESA/Hubble & NASA, K. NollAs anyone into astronomy likely already knows, NASA is fond of sharing incredible photos of our universe. Recently, NASA shared a stunning photo of a nebula known as the “Necklace Nebula,” which is described as “a diamond necklace of cosmic proportions. The nebula—which also goes by its less-glamorous name, PN G054.203.4—is…

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How to Check Your Heart Rate and Breathing with Your Android Phone

GoogleSmartphones can be great tools for keeping track of health and fitness data. Google Fit on Android devices makes it easy to track not only your exercises but also your heart and respiratory rates, no special equipment required. All you’ll need is the Google Fit app and an Android phone to use these features. They were…