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CNN Poll of Polls: Trump approval ticking down on coronavirus response

(CNN)A new CNN Poll of Polls out on Thursday finds President Donald Trump’s approval rating and the public’s approval of his handling of the coronavirus pandemic trending down in the last month.Trump’s averaged approval rating stands at 46% approve, 49% disapprove — ticking down from 48% approval in late-March. About half — 49% — approve…

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Barr defends Trump’s firing of intel IG as ‘right thing’ to do

(CNN)Attorney General William Barr defended President Donald Trump’s removal of intelligence community inspector general Michael Atkinson, saying Trump “did the right thing,” while a bipartisan group in Congress is demanding answers as to why the watchdog was fired.In an interview on Fox News that aired Thursday, Barr alleged that Atkinson had used his role in…

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The EU has bungled its response to coronavirus and it might never fully recover

London (CNN)The pace at which Covid-19 spread around the globe left governments and international institutions paralyzed. But few experienced the scale of the whiplash currently being felt in Brussels.The European Union began this year reinvigorated, having seen off the threat of Brexit with a unity of purpose that typically eludes it when faced with such…

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US nears peak death rate with New York confirming more coronavirus cases than any country in the world

(CNN)The New York governor signed an order to bring in additional funeral directors as the number of coronavirus cases in the state outpaced all countries except the United States. Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s executive order will make it easier for licensed funeral directors from other states to practice in New York. At least 16,686 people have…

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Sweden challenges Trump —

(CNN)Much of Europe is still on coronavirus lockdown, with severe restrictions on movement and penalties for those who transgress.But not Sweden. Restaurants and bars are open in the Nordic country, playgrounds and schools too, and the government is relying on voluntary action to stem the spread of Covid-19.It’s a controversial approach, and one that’s drawn…

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Lack of coronavirus testing may blunt Trump’s planned economic revival

(CNN)President Donald Trump says America does not need and will never have mass coronavirus testing, despite warnings by experts that a comprehensive program is vital to getting life back to normal.The inadequacy of testing for the virus has been a constant deficiency of the government’s handling of the pandemic from the start. Fixing this deficiency,…

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Trump tries to push fast-forward on the pandemic

A version of this story appeared in CNN’s What Matters newsletter. To get it in your inbox, sign up for free here. (CNN)A startling 6.6 million people filed their first claims for unemployment benefits last week, bringing the total for the past three weeks to 16.8 million people. That’s about 11% of the US labor…

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The top 10 women Joe Biden might choose as his VP

(This is the second edition of our biweekly power rankings of politicians most likely to be chosen as Joe Biden’s Democratic running mate in 2020.) (CNN)Thursday marks Joe Biden’s first official day as the de facto 2020 Democratic presidential nominee.Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders’ decision to quit the race on Wednesday means the former vice president…

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This Republican mayor is taking a more aggressive approach to stop coronavirus than his GOP governor

(CNN)Tulsa, Oklahoma, Mayor G.T. Bynum says one of the worst days of his life was the day he decided to shut down the restaurants. Bynum, a former city councilor, was elected Tulsa’s mayor some three years ago. Like local officials across the country, he now finds himself on the front lines of implementing strict policies…

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Fauci speculates Americans could take summer vacations, but there are caveats

(CNN)Americans have the potential to take summer vacations this year — provided that the country continues aggressive mitigation efforts now and gets to a place where it can modify them, the nation’s top infectious disease official said Thursday.Dr. Anthony Fauci’s comment comes amid a tension between desires to gradually open the economy and maintaining the…