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How Tech Services Can Counter the Great IT Resignation

(SPONSORED ARTICLE) The accelerated digital transformation brought on by the pandemic has led to a surge in hybrid and remote workforces, new operational requirements, and a reduced talent pool due to the Great Resignation. As companies increasingly depend on IT to respond to changing working environments, this is one function that can’t fall behind. According…

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Apple will make it easier for people to locate unknown AirTags

Unknown AirTag alerts — Apple AirTags have been used for stalking women and by car thieves. Jon Brodkin – Feb 11, 2022 6:54 pm UTC Enlarge / AirTag box at an Apple Store on April 30, 2021, in Sydney, Australia. Getty Images | James D. MorganApple yesterday announced upcoming AirTag updates designed to combat stalking…

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The 14 Best Humidifiers to Combat Dry Winter Air

A very 2022 scenario: A scratchy throat sends you spiraling and searching “omicron symptoms,” but then the scratch subsides, and you realize that what you really need (besides a high-quality mask) is a humidifier. Though, not just any humidifier will do, you need the best humidifier you can find for your space.Yes, using a  humidifier…

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RTRS expands into Corn to Combat Environmental Challenges in Supply Chain

The new Standard for Responsible Corn Production was voted in by RTRS members following a multi-stakeholder review and development process.It is available to all producers certified under the RTRS Standard for Soy Production who want to certify their corn production – a crop typically cultivated in rotation with soy.“Continuous cooperation with farmers showed RTRS that…

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Fortnite’s Combat Pistol is a worse version of the now vaulted pistol

Battle Royale The new Combat Pistol is worse than Fortnite’s now vaulted pistol. Here’s why the Combat Pistol is inferior to the OG Pistol. Published 18 hours agoon November 10, 2021 The new Combat Pistol in Fortnite Season 8 is a slight downgrade from the original pistol, and players aren’t happy about it. The pistol…

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DOJ, OCC, CFPB pledge to combat “modern-day redlining”

Attorney General Merrick Garland The Department of Justice, the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency and the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau are teaming up in a new initiative to combat redlining. The Civil Division of the DOJ will partner with U.S. Attorneys offices in its “most aggressive and coordinated effort” yet, Attorney General Merrick…