Commercial orders

US orders six commercial airlines to provide planes to transport Afghans and Americans in Middle East

Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin III on Sunday activated stage 1 of the Civil Reserve Air Fleet (CRAF), ordering six commercial airlines to provide passenger planes to help evacuate people from US military bases in the Middle East, the Department of Defense said in a news release. The planes won’t fly in or out of…


Breakthroughs in the Commercial Space Industry (Podcast)

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Commercial property

Commercial Property Agents Get Speedy with Surga Go App

Sydney, Australia, July 10, 2021 –(– Adept Business Systems Pty Ltd has announced the launch of Surga Go, an app for commercial real estate agents. Surga Go is a mobile-enhanced edition of the company’s already successful commercial real estate CRM software, Surga Central, and supports improved productivity and service delivery in highly competitive markets.Adept introduces Surga…

Commercial looks

USAF looks into commercial rocket-powered cargo delivery

The US military is expanding an experimental program that could one day see the Space Force use reusable rockets to move material and equipment across the planet. Per CNBC, the Pentagon is moving forward on a project called Rocket Cargo where it will study spacecraft that can land on a variety of surfaces and air-drop…

Commercial flying

AeroMobil Debuts the World’s First Flying Car Commercial as Part of the Lead Up to the Commercial Introduction of its Flying Car

The theme of the campaign, “Be. The. Experience.” reflects the unique feeling of exhilaration that a flying car can bring to drivers and passengers alike, such as during take-off when flooring the accelerator and climbing over 1200 feet per minute, then flying at 160 miles an hour above both traffic and stunning scenery below. The…

Commercial first

NASA TV to Air First US Commercial Crew Port Relocation on Space Station

NASA’s SpaceX Crew-1 astronauts aboard the International Space Station will mark another first for commercial spaceflight Monday, April 5, when the four astronauts will relocate the Crew Dragon spacecraft to prepare for the arrival of new crew members in late April and the upcoming delivery of new solar arrays this summer.