Computers' stupid

Touchscreen computers are stupid. Stupid men and women believe touchscreen”computers” are dumb. Go live in…

Justin Long has headed ad campaigns for both Intel and Apple. (Image source: Dell/Intel/Apple – edited)The five new “Justin Gets Real” videos from Intel will likely make you laugh, but it seems unlikely that’s what Team Blue was gunning for when the company managed to snatch up “Get a Mac” veteran Justin Long to head…

Computers' Space

Computers in space — managing a datacentre on the ISS

Computers in space – managing a datacentre on the ISS

Computers' Planet Technology

Planet Computers' Astro Slide is a smartphone and PDA in one

As shown below, the hinge allows you to slide the screen off of the keyboard, then flip it up so you can use it like a mini-laptop. A full (albeit tiny) physical QWERTY keyboard is then revealed so you can tap messages or do productivity chores. Once finished, you can slide the screen back and…