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16 Courageous Beauty Who Don’t Fear to Cut Their Hair

Nowadays, with so many video tutorials and master classes online, it’s no surprise so many people try to do things with their own 2 hands. The heroines of our article are among them. They dared to achieve unbelievable things, like cut and dye their hair themselves, and some women even braided dreadlocks all on their own.At Bright Side, we are amazed how courageous these women are…


How to be more courageous in life

Do you have a lot of fears in life? Are you struggling with the fear of failure, the fear of uncertainty and the fear of success? You don’t have to be in fear all the


What Courageous Leaders Do Differently

Most views of leadership are sub-optimal for the organizations where most types of work get done today. And so it’s time to re-think our view of courage for our modern context. Pretending to be fearless no matter how good the reasons to be afraid, or acting like a know-it-all no matter how obvious it is…