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As COVID-19 upends fall sports, student-athletes face uncertain futures

Nine days after Devon Clinkscales’ mother told him they were going to be homeless, he received the news from his high school baseball coach: the season had been canceled because of COVID-19.”You can just imagine getting an eviction notice on March 2, then a couple days later being told the season is over,” he said.Devon…

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Why COVID-19 causes patients to lose their sense of smell

A new study sheds light on the mechanisms that cause some COVID-19 patients to suffer from anosmia, or a loss of their sense of smell. It offers hope that — at least in some cases — the unusual symptom may only be temporary. Neuroscientists at Harvard Medical School led a team of researchers in determining which cells in the upper nasal…

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$800 per week to test workers for COVID-19. Could quick help?

Sara Polon spends $800 dollars each week on coronavirus tests for the staffers at her Washington, D.C., business, but sometimes the test results don’t come back for weeks.Polon, 43, owns Soupergirl, a small soup company that has managed to stay open during the pandemic. Polon wanted to reassure her 30 full-time and part-time employees that…

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They thought COVID was a hoax, till they fell sick

Ruben Mata, a fitness trainer in Stanton, California, who has traveled the world as a motivational speaker, was adamant in the early days of the epidemic that the coronavirus was not real. Most of what he had heard about the virus he’d gleaned from his friends at the gym he attended religiously, even as the…

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NFL medical boss: New COVID-19 protocols to verify positives

The NFL’s chief medical officer says the league is establishing a new two-step protocol for players and coaches who have no known history of the COVID-19 infection and receive a positive test.Dr. Allen Sills said Friday any individual in that situation who is also asymptomatic will be given two confirmatory tests on the day following…

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America’s COVID-19 stimulus standoff reveals Trump’s harmful corporatist schedule

The midsummer standoff in Washington over the next round of coronavirus stimulus takes place in the shadow of two grim realities: a rising tide of coronavirus infections and deaths and the news that America suffered the worst quarter in its economic history this spring.The protracted negotiations over this latest stimulus came more than two months…

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Pelosi rips GOP over COVID discussions:”Perhaps you mistook them for someone who gives a damn”

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi tore into her Republican colleagues on Thursday for their approach to negotiating the next coronavirus stimulus package, telling CNBC’s Jim Cramer: “Perhaps you mistook them for somebody who gives a damn.”Why it matters: Democrats and the Trump administration have not agreed to any “top-line numbers” and remain “trillions of dollars apart,”…

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The First Data On Kids, COVID-19 And Race Is Here — And It’s Not Good

The coronavirus pandemic in the United States has been marked by stark racial and socioeconomic disparities. Black and Latinx adults in this country are more likely to get the disease. They’re more likely to die from it. The same holds true for lower-income earners. There has, however, been relatively little scientific evidence on how this…

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Could COVID-19 Pick A Key Senate Race?

MISSOULA, Mont. — Bradshaw Sumners watched throughout February as COVID-19 hot spots developed in major American cities, waiting to see when the coronavirus pandemic would manifest in Montana. When it finally did, life for the Livingston resident and father of two changed dramatically. His daughters, 8 and 4 years old, were suddenly home from school.…

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In CA: Big tuna, a big loss for Disney, and is COVID going to cancel Christmas?

CLOSE President Donald Trump turned heads when he mispronounced the word “Yosemite” at a White House event before signing a land conservation bill. USA TODAYPlus: That rosy coronavirus data Gov. Gavin Newsom announced Monday may not be accurate.  And something that’s definitely not accurate? The way the president pronounces Yosemite.With a Tuesday trip around the…