Watch the Bitcoin “death cross” watch. What might the technical omen mean?

Bitcoin › AnalysisWhile panic sell-off kicking in is always on the table, Bitcoin price fought its way up today, as the dream of history not repeating itself sees to fight another day.  Ana Grabundzija · January 13, 2022 at 12:00 am UTC · 2 min read The price of Bitcoin fought its way up 2.9%…

Death Saget

Bob Saget Death, Investigation Sources See Signs of Heart Attack or Stroke

Bob Saget Signs of Heart Attack or Stroke … Investigation Sources 1/11/2022 1:00 AM PT Bob Saget’s cause of death might not be determined for weeks, but law enforcement working the case see signs pointing to a sudden medical emergency — specifically a heart attack or stroke … TMZ has learned. Law enforcement sources tell…

Death Saget’s

Bob Saget’s passing is a reminder about his immense influence on comedy

Beneath Bob Saget’s nice-guy television demeanor lurked a wickedly funny, sometimes risque, stand-up comedian. ©Warner Bros/Courtesy Everett C Bob Saget’s shocking death is a reminder of life’s fragility as we mourn the passing of a triple-threat talent who was cool enough to let us in on the joke: that beneath his nice-guy television demeanor lurked…


Poem: ‘Death Cap’

Science in meter and verse Credit: Paul Starosta Edited by Dava Sobel I was troubled by how easy it was to mistake one thing for another, as with snakes— the Scarlet King resembling the Coral with its arrangement of black on yellow, or the harmless Hognose which is often confused with a Copperhead. Likewise, mushrooms—…

Death investigating

FBI investigates 2017 death of Maggie Long in hate crime investigation four years after her death in a Colorado house fire.

Every December for the past four years, Maggie Long’s family and friends have gathered on her birthday to remember her ambitious spirit, her positive attitude and her contagious laugh.“When we’re with her friends, and we’re all together, we feel Maggie’s vibe, and it’s like we’re with Maggie,” Maggie’s sister Connie told Dateline. “We want to…

Death inside

Inside psychogenic death, the phenomenon of “thinking” yourself to death

In 1967, a woman was admitted to Baltimore City Hospital, complaining about shortness of breath, chest pains, nausea, and dizziness. She was 22-years-old. She hadn’t had health problems until just over a month earlier. Now she was extremely anxious, hyperventilating, sweating and nearly fainting. After two weeks, she finally confided to the doctor what she…

Death Official

You can buy an official Xbox Red Ring of Death poster for $24.99

In context: If you were a Microsoft fan back in the Xbox 360 era, you likely remember the infamous “Red Ring of Death.” When a 360 unit suffered from a hardware fault of some kind, its power button LEDs would turn red instead of white, and the system would refuse to boot. The issue is…

‘by Death

Death ‘by planet’ was surprisingly common in the 1600s

What’s the weirdest thing you learned this week? Well, whatever it is, we promise you’ll have an even weirder answer if you listen to PopSci’s hit podcast. The Weirdest Thing I Learned This Week hits Apple, Anchor, and everywhere else you listen to podcasts every-other Wednesday morning. It’s your new favorite source for the strangest science-adjacent facts, figures, and Wikipedia spirals…

Death Rocker

Death of Rocker Chris Daughtry’s Stepdaughter Shrouded in Mystery

The death of rocker Chris Daughtry’s 25-year-old stepdaughter was a mystery on Saturday, with her mother saying she had unspecified “injuries” and police continuing to investigate.Hannah Price—who had survived being shot in the face in 2018 and who was arrested in April over a road-rage incident involving a gun—was found dead in her Nashville home…

Astroworld Death

Astroworld Death Toll Climbs to 9 After College Student Succumbs to Injuries

A ninth person has died in connection to the tragedy at Travis Scott’s Astroworld music festival in Houston, as a 22-year-old woman died Thursday after being in intensive care. Bharti Shahani, a Texas A&M University senior, “lost her battle from the horrific, horrific injuries that she sustained,” an attorney for Shahani’s family James Lassiter told…