Deepest Explorers

Explorers dive to deepest Famous shipwreck

Home News Explorers took a submersible down to the deepest shipwreck known, the USS Johnston in the Philippines Sea. (Image credit: Caladan Oceanic) Explorers recently dove to the deepest known shipwreck in the world.The team reached the USS Johnston, a U.S. Navy destroyer that sank on Oct. 25, 1944 after an intense battle with the…

Deepest Earth's

The Earth’s deepest secret was just revealed by scientists

The research into what lies deep, deep beneath our feet has yielded precious few details over the past few decades. We all grew up learning that we live on the Earth’s crust, which is just a thin layer above the mantle. Beneath that, the outer core surrounds the inner core, and… well, that’s it, or…

Deepest land-dwelling

Deepest land-dwelling microbes found at Base of 5km hole in China

Microbes at the bottom of the third deepest hole in the world may be surviving life at 137°C, which would extend life’s known thermal tolerances