Democrats need a much better messaging strategy in Florida, a new report says

A new report says Democrats need to aggressively change their messaging for Florida Latinos if they want to remain competitive…

6 hours ago

Democrats flipped the Senate. So why is a Green New Deal still unlikely?

Can Biden accomplish his climate goals with a razor-thin majority?

3 days ago

House Democrats demand answers on questionable Capitol tours prior to deadly insurrection

In a letter to the House and Senate Sergeant-At-Arms, more than 30 Democrats are calling for an investigation into suspicious…

5 days ago

Democrats must demand total accountability for GOP’s attempted coup before America can ever move on

Trump’s culpability is beyond dispute, but others, including Cruz and Hawley, also need to be held accountable

6 days ago

House Democrats, Demanding Accountability Amid Calls for”Unity,” Gear Up For Impeachment Vote

Democrats are moving fast toward an impeachment vote on Wednesday, one week after the insurrection incited by Trump—set to become…

1 week ago

All of 13 Texas Democrats in the U.S. House have called for impeaching Trump after Wednesday’s riot

House leadership said it "will move forward with impeachment,” if Pence does not invoke the 25th Amendment

1 week ago

Top Senate Democrats Call For Hawley, Cruz To Resign Over Capitol Attack

Topline A growing number of Democrats in Congress are calling on Sens. Ted Cruz (R-Tex.) and Josh Hawley (R-Mo.), who…

1 week ago

Democrats Take the Senate, along with a Mob Storms that the Capitol

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2 weeks ago

Democrats can Currently do so to pass $2,000 stimulus checks from the Senate

Democrats Jon Ossoff and Raphael Warnock won their Senate races in Georgia on Tuesday after promising that they would pass…

2 weeks ago

Trump: Democrats Will Turn U.S. into ‘One-Party Country’ if They Win Senate Runoff

Democrats will turn America into a one-party country if they win the Senate runoff elections, President Donald Trump said Monday…

2 weeks ago