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Narrow differences, resolve disputes through dialogue: Xi at G20 summit

China is ready to pursue peaceful coexistence with all countries on the basis of mutual respect, equality and mutual benefit, President Xi Jinping said on Saturday TopicsG20 summit | Xi Jinping | border dispute China is ready to pursue peaceful coexistence with all countries on the basis of mutual respect, equality and mutual benefit, President Xi Jinping said on…

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DJI Mini 2 vs Mavic Mini: 5 key differences between the beginner drones

Home News Cameras (Image credit: DJI) The DJI Mini 2 has flown into our lives just a year after the arrival of the DJI Mavic Mini. It’s surprising to see a successor to DJI’s smallest and cheapest drone already, so what new tricks has it learnt in just 12 months?On the surface, the DJI Mini…

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How Red State/Blue State Differences in Housing Might Tip the Election

We’ve listened to the pundits, suffered through the debates, scrutinized the polls, and squinted at that ever-changing electoral map. Everyone, it seems, is desperately trying to get a true read on what’s going to happen, in one of the most bitterly contentious presidential elections our nation has ever seen.There is no shortage of critical issues…

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Trump-Biden differences laid bare in final US presidential debate

Analysis: A calmer debate offers a closer look at the candidates on a wide range of subjects as the election nears.From the moment the two septuagenarian leading men stepped onto the stage, the contrast between them leaped off the screen: US President Donald Trump in his trademark red tie, his Democratic challenger Biden in electric…

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Our differences demand we restore the lost art of dialogue and debate

I am often asked to speak at conferences on gender and diversity, where I usually introduce myself as a Latina Republican from Los Angeles who works in the oil and gas business. I also note that I’m an only child—a good thing because I am used to being alone. My opening usually gets laughs but…

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Differences between originate science and reproducability

Research Article View ORCID ProfileMary C. Murphy, View ORCID ProfileAmanda F. Mejia, View ORCID ProfileJorge Mejia, View ORCID ProfileXiaoran Yan, View ORCID ProfileSapna Cheryan, View ORCID ProfileNilanjana Dasgupta, View ORCID ProfileMesmin Destin, View ORCID ProfileStephanie A. Fryberg, View ORCID ProfileJulie A. Garcia, Elizabeth L. Haines, View ORCID ProfileJudith M. Harackiewicz, View ORCID ProfileAlison Ledgerwood, View…

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Estrogen’s role in the sex differences of alcohol abuse

IMAGE: Reducing levels of estrogen receptors in the ventral tegmental area reduced ethanol consumption in female mice. view more  Credit: Vandegrift et al., JNeurosci 2020 Fluctuating estrogen levels may make alcohol more rewarding to female mice, according to new research in JNeurosci. Untangling the involved signaling pathways could unveil sex-based treatments for alcohol use disorders. Recreational…

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Partisan Differences over the Pandemic Response Are Growing

Polling finds public trust in medical scientists has increased, but only among Democrats—while optimism about a vaccine is broadly shared Credit: Anton Petrus Getty Images Americans’ trust in medical scientists has grown since the coronavirus outbreak first upended everyday activities at workplaces, homes and schools across the nation. But there are growing divisions between Republicans…

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HBO Max, HBO Go, And HBO Now: What Are The Differences?

WarnerMedia is gearing up for the release of HBO Max on May 27, adding a third content-streaming option to a stable that already includes HBO Go and HBO Now. Current HBO Now subscribers may be wondering how Max will differ to the service they already use. Here’s the details on HBO Max, how it differs…