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No, men do Not Find toxic masculinity in their fathers

Home News (Image credit: Frank Herholdt via Getty Images) For toxic masculinity, “like father, like son,” is only part of the story.New research suggests a different story: A man’s lack of friends may predict whether he will embrace toxic masculinity, while the presence or absence of a male role model early in life doesn’t play…

“Don’t Controversy

Ziwe:’I don’t seek controversy’

LOS ANGELES, May 9 (UPI) — Comedy writer Ziwe adapted her provocative Instagram Live show into a variety series for Showtime, which is simply called Ziwe. The 30-year-old writer went viral in 2020 for asking provocative questions about race in interviews with celebrities such as Rose McGowan and food writer Alison Roman. “I don’t seek…

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‘I don’t care what he does, I’m just going to butcher him’: Peter Queally eyeing Bellator gold before Patricky Pitbull fight

SBG’s Queally plans on making a statement on Friday night. The post ‘I don’t care what he does, I’m just going to butcher him’: Peter Queally eyeing Bellator gold ahead of Patricky Pitbull fight first appeared on TheMacLife.


Don’t Underestimate the Power of Kindness at Work

Organizations benefit from actively fostering kindness. In workplaces where acts of kindness become the norm, the spillover effects can multiply fast. When people receive an act of kindness, they pay it back, research shows — and not just to the same person, but often to someone entirely new. This leads to a culture of generosity…

“Don’t Drive

PSA: Don’t drive while you are on a Zoom Assembly

Who among us has not tried during the pandemic to conceal the background of our home offices during a Zoom call for work— lest we reveal a messy bedroom, or get ragged on by RoomRater? For Republican state Sen. Andrew Brenner of Ohio, the green screen betrayed him during a video call this week, making…

“Don’t fooled

Don’t be fooled by Joe Biden: None of his big proposals will become reality — and he knows it

Nothing substantive will change under Biden: He represents a system of legalized bribery and political sadism Joe Biden (Photo illustration by Salon/Getty Images) This article originally appeared at ScheerPost. Used by permission. Don’t be fooled by Joe Biden. He knows his infrastructure and education bills have as much chance at becoming law as the $15 minimum…

“Don’t learn

Bats don’t have to learn the speed of sound – they’re born knowing it

By Cameron Duke A Kuhl’s pipistrelle in flightAGAMI Photo Agency / AlamyBats are born knowing the speed of sound. This may not be shocking, as they rely on echolocation to find food and avoid crashing into trees in the dark. But unlike birds that learn their songs, or lions that learn to hunt, bats seem…

“Don’t Weight

Weight loss programs don’t assist users with one really important matter

There is a secret to weight loss that should be more widely known and it has nothing to do with supplements, specialized diets, or intermittent fasting. Instead, it’s something that countless people, especially after a yearlong pandemic, have in common: trauma.  Scientists began understanding the relationship between weight gain and trauma decades ago. Since then,…

“Don’t Op-Ed

Op-Ed: Don’t Make Surgery Another COVID Casualty

With each wave of COVID-19 cases, hospitals have scrambled to add more beds while simultaneously cancelling surgeries. The latest example is Michigan, where hospitals postponed procedures because of the crush of COVID-19 patients filling beds and emergency rooms. Non-COVID-19 patients are at best inconvenienced by the postponements, and at worst imperiled. Hospitals now face a…

“Don’t update

I Really Don’t have the update yet but did you notice any bug with the…

MIUI 12.1.5 on Xiaomi Mi 10T Pro details (Source: Own)After a buggy update from Android 10 to Android 11, the Xiaomi Mi 10T Pro finally gets things right. The MIUI 12.1.5 update that includes last month’s security patch feels snappier and some of the most annoying issues of its predecessor (fingerprint scanner response, overall lag)…