Drone working

DJI might be developing a new FPV drone you can fly indoors

New leaks suggest that DJI is working on a new FPV (first-person view) drone that you can fly indoors (via Gizmodo). Reliable tipsters @DealsDrone and @OsitaLV have come forward with leaked images and details about a smaller, more compact drone that may be arriving between July and August. The drone, supposedly called Avata, will weigh…

Drone Skydio

The Skydio 2+ Drone Lets You Fly Like a Pro

There will never be the perfect drone for everyone. There are too many different reasons for owning a drone. Some like to race. Some like to shoot sweeping cinematic masterpieces, and some want to follow fast-paced action. What makes a drone good at one thing often makes it not so great for another. That said,…

Drone first

Pixy is the first drone to be created by Snap

What just happened? Snap isn’t done making quirky electronics. On Thursday, the self-professed camera company announced Pixy, a pocket-sized drone with an integrated camera. The craft features four translucent orange fans for lift and maneuverability mounted to a bright yellow chassis. The centrally-mounted control dial lets you choose between four preconfigured flight modes: hover, reveal,…

Drone NASA's

NASA’s Mars drone captures cool shots of rover landing gear

NASA’s Mars helicopter, Ingenuity, has captured some amazing images showing the landing gear of the spacecraft that delivered both itself and the Perseverance rover to the martian surface in February 2021. Specifically, the image below shows the discarded backshell (left) and the supersonic parachute (far right). NASA’s drone-like aircraft snapped the photos from an altitude…

Alphabet's Drone

On April 7, Alphabet’s Wing will start drone deliveries in Dallas/Fort Worth

Alphabet’s Wing division has announced that it’s launching a drone delivery service in the Dallas-Fort Worth (DFW) metroplex on April 7th. “With this service, the DFW area will be the largest metro in the world, and the first in the United States, with access to on-demand drone delivery,” a company spokesperson said in an emailed…

Drone Turkish

Drone War and Turkish Delight

The conflict in Ukraine has confirmed Turkey’s status as a drone superpower. First in Ethiopia and now Ukraine: Turkish-made armed drones that helped turn the tide in Ethiopia’s conflict are adding to the Russian military’s many headaches in Ukraine.Weighing an eighth of the U.S.’s high-tech Reaper drone, the relatively small and low-tech Bayraktar TB2 drone…

Drone Puzzling

Puzzling Out the Drone War Over Ukraine

The layered components of an Infinitum Electric axial-flux motor are shown here, in exploded form.INFINITUM ELECTRIC This saving of energy is critically important: Software may be eating the world, but electricity is increasingly what makes the world go round. Electric motors consume a little over half of the world’s electricity today. Some 800 million motors…


A cheap drone is giving Ukraine’s military an edge against Russia

Ukraine’s fierce resistance against Russia’s invasion has surprised many observers, but that’s in part because one weapon in their fight—a low-cost, missile-toting flying robot—is fulfilling predictions made by military futurists.Russia has seen shocking losses of tanks and other armored vehicles. While the true extent is hard to know, attempts by open-source intelligence analysts to document…

amateur Drone

Meet the amateur drone pilots who defend Ukraine’s border to Russia

As tensions rise in Ukraine with Russian troops arriving at the border in increasing numbers, a small army of amateur engineers is monitoring events using homemade drones equipped with sensors and old Soviet missiles Technology 11 February 2022 By Matthew Sparkes Members of the Aerorozvidka organisation use custom-built drones to monitor the Ukrainian borderAerorozvidka Students,…

“Don’t Drone

PSA: Do not fly a drone in the vicinity of the Super Bowl

This story originally featured on Popular Photography. This Sunday, the Los Angeles Rams will face the Cincinnati Bengals at the NFL’s Super Bowl LVI. While that’s great news for the sportsball crowd, if you’re a drone pilot who enjoys flying around Los Angeles it will also leave you grounded for the next few days. Fail to comply…